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atos medical home visit???

ive just had my appt through to go to croyden made me laugh when they give you how to get there cheeky buggers said walk 11mins here 10 mins there !! i wish id be crawling into the room by the end of it ! so i asked for a home visit called my doctor to ask for relevant fax etc which hel do ( 30 quid charge!!!lol) but in all seriousness i do know it would be impossible .What i want to know is my partner said they are evil and they will open doors to ur rooms etc is this right? and do i have to strip down?? im terrified already ! just want to know from those of you that have had this experience and how to act as you all know fibro can be a joker when it wants to be !

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Hi Fairytails, Although I have not had a home visit by Atos but the examination by the atos health doctor will be the same as if carried out in their assessment center.

No they will not ask you to strip down but may ask you to remove shoes/slippers or any heavy clothing. Bearing in mind as you remove your shoes or heavy clothing they will be monitoring your ability or difficulty in this tasks.

Try and have someone with you at home, And ask for identification when they arrive at your home.

The assessment is about you and your ability's not on how you live or your home, They will not open doors or access private room's in your home. They may ask to use the bathroom to wash hands, Again this will be for hygiene reasons..

I hope this will help put your mind at ease........Best wishes


thankyou thats put my mind at ease xx


When i had my medical assessment i had to have someone with me, it was for my protection, although they don't have to be in the same room. I just wore baggy clothes which made it easier for me to pull up my trouser legs for when then wanted to look at my knees. They also asked me to climb the stairs unaided. He even refused a cup of tea. The downside is they may come on a day that turns out to be a relatively good day and will assess your movements on that and not what you are like on a bad day. Remember its your house they are visiting and he view make you feel uncomfortable you can ask them to leave, just make stud that if that is the case you call them immediately and explain the situation, foot wait for him to give you a bad report


thanks claris xx


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