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ATOS home visit refused

Hello All, I got a letter yesterday after months of waiting from our friends at ATOS to inform me they will not be giving me a home visit, this despite my previous medicals being home visits, and also a letter from my GP supporting my request. They will however be paying for a taxi to and from the medical center.

Wondered if anyone knows if there is anything else I can do, or offer advice on the medical I am about to face?

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This seems very strange as a couple of members have recently been assesed at home.. Lets hope someone will pop on who knows anything about this

And a beamed welcome to the site

VG x


Thank you VG


Did you get the doctors letter to cover you for this latest appointment? then they must see you at your home address.


Thank you for the reply esagestapo, Yes the letter was for this appointment, it was faxed to them as soon as they requested it, and it took them nearly a month to reply.

Their letter said their doctor had reviewed the letter from my Dr and they were not going to offer me a home visit.


Remind ATOS you provided the medical evidence they asked for, that which is required for a home visit, it is up to them to obey their own blinking rules. If they don't see you at your home, that's their fault, not yours. Their doctor has not seen you, so how can he say you are fit to travel?

Ask for the name of this quack, say you intend to make a complaint to the GMC for malpractice.


Or better still, tell them to get their doctor to write you a letter stating why he thinks you are fit to travel when he has not seen you.


How would that go, yes, I have examined this letter and in my professional opinion, based on many years of experience, the arrangement of the letters and colour of ink used leaves me in no doubt that this patient is fit to travel. :)


I was turned down for DLA in January, I wrote to tell them I didn't agree with their decision and why. A few weeks down the line I had a letter telling me they were reviewing it, then a month after had a phone call from someone re-assessing my form, 3 weeks ago had a letter saying a medical professional would contact me about a visit which they did the following week, I had my home visit over 2 weeks ago now. I'm sorry to hear your having a hard time about arranging a home visit I do wonder sometimes if it depends on where you live as to how easy or difficult home visits are. Hope it gets sorted for you soon x


Yep complain and keep on complaing this seems to be only way to get them to listen! I am sure they just dont like doing home visits and try to avoid doing them! But being a fellow mkfibromite, I think a medical involves trip to aylsebury and I wouldnt be able to do that either!xx


Hello All, thanks for your replies, I will be calling them and asking how this so called Dr thinks he knows better than my GP, although to be honest I don't expect much in the way of progress. I am preparing myself to have to go to this medical centre, and be told I am well enough to work, and of course the appeal which will follow.

The thing that bothers me is the fact I would love to work, it was one of the worst times of my life having to stop, and it makes my blood boil people thinking we all love this not working, I'd swap places with them ANY DAY. ..

Better stop now before I go on a mad rant lol.

Hope today is a little better than yesterday for all.

Thanks again x


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