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if i won a tribunal case last year should i have to go through it again this year ?

i went for my medical last year and suprise suprise they said i didnt have enough points so stopped my esa, i went to tribunal and won, i had another medical this year and now they have informed me i didnt get enough points again and have stopped my esa again should i have to apeal again ? i dont know how it works does anyone else know ?

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hi bettyboop46,

not an expert at all, can only go on my own story, had a medical appealed...won, had a medical got put in a support group by some miraculous luck. BUT...had i been awarded "nil points" i would have been onto the appeals like a flash.

Have no idea why when we win an appeal we have to go through the whole sorry charade they think we'll miraculously get better??!!!!

you must appeal, don't let them get away with treating you..or any of us like this. Every appeal must tell someone what the hell is going on with this shambolic mess.

I'm sure you'll get better info from others on here, but most of it will say APPEAL..asap, nothing to lose and all to gain

good luck and keep us posted

Take care

Jan xx


thankyou , yes i was only awarded 6 points haha makes me laugh well you have to laugh or you would cry, anyway thanks for your reply will most probably apeal but it is all very daunting last ttime i had someone who knows how to fill out theese forms to help me this time will have to do it myself and no idea how to :(


cheers, maybe you could try citizens advice, they were a real help to me. Sad thing was thwy had a lady that only did appeals, says a lot about the whole shambolic system.

yes i know it's daunting...but you won last time so..... go betty go lol

as i said nothing to lose.

take care

jan xxx


Unfortunately there is no indefinate qualification with ESA and they can give you a 12 month award at a time, meaning you have to go through the "farce" of an assessment every time. You should appeal, you won before and you will win again but why you should have to go through all of the stresses considering the assessment process is proven to be flawed. The organisation I volunteer for in the Midlands has been informed by an organisation that acts as advocates for those appealing, that 61% of appeals are successful! This means that not only are the govenment spending millions for ATOS (a French I.T. Company) to carry out these degrading assessments, but millions more for the apeals to overturn them! This was to be a cost saving excercise.... what a joke!!


this may help, go to main page;

go to FibroAction site, click on fibro and benefits this should take you to the benefits and work link where you can download the pdf.

good luck, sandra


Thanks everyone for your replys i will be appealing but it just stresses me out so much i also suffer from bad panic attacks and couldnt go to last hearing because of this and even tho i still won i dont want them to think i just cant be bothered to turn up. But might see if CAB can help me with the form once again thanks


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