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Hi all would love some advice if anybody can answer please, iam currently waiting for a decission on DLA and have an appeal in october for ESA, in the meantime i have had another MRI scan and had the results which have shown that my condition has gotten worse. Do i phone the DLA and ESA people and notify them on my change?? Any advice would be grate thanks Paula x

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  • Hello

    I am not sure as it isn't something I have had to do (yet) but my advise would be to contact them and let them know that your condition has gotten worse. It can't do any harm.

    Piggle hugs xxx

  • Hi Paula, it does say on the paperwork that if you have any changes to inform them, this is a significant change, it maybe a good idea to get some advise from your local CAB, welfare advisor, good luck with your claim XXX

  • thanks dissy for your reply, i have recieved a letter today that they are sorry for the delay but still dealing with my claim and that i wont loose any money ha what ever that means lol xx

  • Hi Paula

    Something similar happened to me 2 weeks after I had sent in my application for DLA. I telephoned them immediately and they asked me to put it in writing with my NHS number at the top of the letter as reference. I did so and sent it Recorded Delivery. 2 weeks later I was granted lower care rate of DLA. That had been my third application as the previous two were turned down, so I think in this case the extra information helped. You certainly have nothing to lose by adding it. I would advise phoning first as all phone calls are recorded, so you can make a note of the day you called in case you need proof later.

    Good luck

    Em xx

  • hi mauld thanks hun i think i will fone and see what they say xx

  • sorry to ask but was your MRI to do with your fibromyalgia. I am interested because I have not been offered anything like that to confirm fibro. I would be interested if your condition getting worse can effect the outcome of your present claim. I have been put on betablockers since my assessment because I became very unwel with anxiety severe headaches and heart palpitations so it would be important if I can bring that up in the appeal. xx

  • Hi colleen, no my mri was for bulging discs, i have two that stick out but nothing they can do about it xx

  • The bulging discs..My daughter has the same issue the MRI shows there is no fluid left in the disc and that it is bulging out and touching a nerve, her work place are being really bullish with her, they physio has requested she see a Rhuemi as he has siad that she also may have FM on top of the DDD ( degenerate disc disease). I, myself had the same issue about 18 yrs ago.. I needed an operation on L4 and L5, this left me paralysed down the lower half of my body, the right side and was wheelchair bound for 2 yrs. Please seek 2nd opinions. My daughters physio said even though you have the MRI, it does not always show everything, they are there to help doctors diagnoise. Once they had operated on me my Orthopedic surgeon diagnoised Akolysing spondlytis. I had intense physio and could just about walk on cruthes. Gave up my DLA as I began part time work. It has only been lately that I have been informed that I could work and have my DLA too. So another big fite on my hands, my body is giving out by the day, so back in the wheelchair, loosing my job and so it goes on. Please get a 2nd opinion you are entitled to it. Good luck with everything X

  • i hve two bulging discs too ,one in my neck ,one in my low back, the dwp know about this but don't seem to take any notice of the fact, i also have spondylosis in my spine at the bottom,they don't care about that either

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