dragging their feet!!

we filled in my hubbys DLA renewal ( he has been on it for nearly 17yrs) and was told he needed a medical and someone would be in touch, that was middle feb!!! then got forms for transfer from incap to esa and sent back 6th march. still no medical nor any news from esa!!! how long does it normally take.?? in the meantime im dealing with my daughters appeal for her DLA as well as hubby getting worse and on another tab to take. aswell as my own health getting worse.

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  • My husband has been on high rate dla care & mobility for 13 years he's been examined before by doc they sent out. At his last renewal we filled in the forms as usual about his worsening condition but he got a letter back to say doc would be out as not enough info. Doctor eventually came at the end of the award and examined him sitting in the chair. 2 weeks later letter came stating no award. He appealed and that took frlm last June until Jan to be heard. At apeal no award was given again. Doc reports were full of lies about stuff my husband could supposedly do including walking 150 metres even though doc didn't ask him to leave his chair. Be prepared to have a fight on your hands. Good luck x

  • my husband exactly the same transferred to esa didn't understand the forms wasn't till he was put in work related group that the lady at the job center told us to appeal against the decision which we did waiting for it to be heard now but going on since last year.Same with DLA hubby has a worsening condition yet care was took away but allowed low rate mobility they said they would have allowed at higher rate but because it was lower rate at appeal they couldn't raise it he will have to go through it all again.My daughter who has Fibro doesn't claim nothing and she really struggles but we just cant go through it again.Good Luck.

  • you have to keep fighting, always! it's a good idea to contact your local adult care team, social services,, they can help you fight, and they speak "social worker-ese" and can contact various agencies on your behalf,, citizens advice are usually helpful too, again, they speak the "lingo" and can call agencies for you/with you,, keep chasing up everything,, be a pain the bum,, it works! they'll want you to go away so they try to help,,;-),, but never be rude/aggressive, no matter how much they wind you up, ,they'll just close you down if you do,,i hope some of this helps,, I have been struggling with these "delightful" agencies for over 4 years,, good luck x

  • I had to give my job up years ago and have never claimed any benefit because on every forum its all the same stress .We could use the money but I don't need the stress.May I wish you all the best with your hubs claim and keep on until you get it .x

  • i filled esa form in to convert from IB last march and got answer in June - which i am now appealing and still waiting for a tribunal date 35 weeks on!

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