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Help required please

Hi to all , I would love some information as I will be up against a tribunal in a matter of weeks for dla as I was refused , and my sick will finish in about 4 weeks so I have put a claim in for esa , need a bit of advice for people who have gone through this . Citezens advice are helping , but would love to talk with people who have experiened this xx angi x

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Hi broadband , unfortunately I can't help with this one not having been in this position but I am sure before too long someone will log in who does....



Sorry broadband - like VG I haven't been through this.

I know CAB do a wonderful job, but there's nothing like hearing from someone who's been there. I'm sure someone will be online this evening who can share their experience with you!

Moffy x


Ty guys xx


Had dla tribunal last Thursday. Met lady from cab half hour before and went through my papers. There was a judge a doctor and a disabled person on the tribunal panel, the clerk of the court and a representative from works and pensions. The doctor asked about my condition and how it affected me. The judge asked about my daily life and past job. The disabled lady asked why I couldn't prepare vegetables and the man from works and pensions asked if I had claimed benefit because I had been made redundant ! The judge answered for me saying maybe I had been made redundant because of my condition. Not. As bad d I thought it would be. Just look them on the eye and tell them the truth. I was awarded low rate care and low rate mobility until 2015 backdated from 2012


hi had my tribunal jan

same as above 3 peeps doctor care and judge they where lovely

tell them about the bad days

and tell the truth

wone mine got lowe care and hi mobility

goo luke as it seems they are now beliving us and not taking

the piss good luke and fingers crossed

soft hugs



Ty xx im so happy for you both , its good to hear success xxx



would advise that you contact your local law centre - just google law centre for the area you live in and give them aq call. They will have a solicitor who is trained in benefits law and they will help you, they do not charge anything. they will also help you fill in any benefits forms, go with you and represent you at appeals and tribunals.

Good luck and my best wishes to you.



Ty xx be glad when its been and gone , how do they expect us to go through fighting for a claim when we go thriugh enough everyday . Its effecting my bladder and have ibs now to , go to a urologist in 2 week , wish it was sooner , sorry to go on I was venting , xx


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