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Advice on dealing with FMS and work, please!

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by my GP earlier this year. I was initially on ESA and applied for DLA but got rejected for both as they said I was fit for work. So, like they advised me to do, I got a job.

I am currently working in a high street electrical store doing around 12 hours a week and have been doing so for 3 months. Problem is, as much as I like working I can't stand the pain I'm in ALL the time. It's getting to the stage where I would genuinely prefer to not be alive, as I'm only 22 and feel about 102.

So, basically I would like to know what I should do, I mean if I apply for ESA and DLA again I'll probably be rejected. My GP doesn't seem to want to help, I live on my own so can't get help moving around, and I'm in loads of debt because I can't physically work full time.

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hi i am in a similar position at the moment can not work because of the constant pain and can not get any help from our lovely government, i think that your best bet would be to get yourself an appointment at your local citizen advice bureau you will find the number online in the yellow pages maybe, and just take your time explaining it to them i am sure if they can not help you they will be able to put you in touch with someone who can, they are really helpful and polite or have been with me. p.s sorry could not help you more but just keep trying and you will get there. i was going to put a slimly face on the end but just found out don't know how


Go to c.a.b and see a debt advisor like can get a debt relief order like,me.stay clear of,credit for,a year.and all your debts are wiped off.see them abt your work as well xx



not here to give you advice thats up to Citizan advice they will sort money for you ..and your options about work ..

I work with Fms and cope so do a few members depends on what you want to do after all disabled people have rights in work xx

Pain and Gp do take time so i think you need to work out

good luck

gentle dyslexic hugs


As above, the best thing to do would be to pop along to your local CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureau), they have a wealth of information on all the benefits and action to take etc. They even help you fill in the forms if you're struggling with them.

I hope it all works out well for you. :)


also get a meds review at the gp. explain you need pain relief thats stronger. i have a feeling there gets to be a point where the pain relief interferes with work but until you get to that tipping point its worth a try if you enjoy the work. i only do a couple of hours voluntary as its about as much as i can bare [though gov will change that shortly as i am on back to work group of esa.] but i have to rest for the rest of the day. however i really love being out of the house and meeting people and being of use to people so i feel its worth it. but pain killers i have to take afterwards knock me out. i couldnt do the work with all of them in me so i balance it. good luck and gentle hugs


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