Oops clumsy!

Just lately I have been very clumsy I've been dropping stuff with the most recent being a chocolate cupcake on the kitchen floor. I've been walking into walls and doors and have 'missed' my chair at work a couple of times. Is this something anyone else has experienced?

Oh and one more thing, I am an administrator and type a lot but my typing is terrible lately. I have cleaned this up before publishing it!

I am on 300mg Pregabalin daily since 4 days ago but this has been going on for a few weeks so I am reluctant to blame the pills

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  • I had this walking into walls falling over broke 2 ribs .. Turns out meds I was taking was causing dizziness and lack of co ordination plus my arthritis didn't help... Changed meds and have been more co ordinated but still falling into walls and dropping things due to arthritis. new meds have helped fibro a bit but not as good as the ones that caused the falling... Still I,m safer if in more pain

  • This could be me you are talking about, it has been getting me very down gentle hugs Hilly xx

  • Hi deebee, Just how you have explained is what is happening to me, so much so that my legs gave way twice tonight. I explained all this to my Rhuematologist who telephoned my GP and asked her to do some tests ( the pin test)on me, 2 days later had a call from nurologist booking an appointment, which I have on the 27th Sept. Everything is getting worse, i have this burning pain in the left side of my chest/rib area. It began last year when I was very distressed and thought I had the onset o Alziemers. As a lecturer I was forgetting what I was supposed to saying to the students!!!! Now I forget what I am talking about mid way through a conversation, I'm finding it all very frustrating and dibilitating. I was always able to multi-task many things at once, now while i'm writing this I'm having to go back so many time as the words are not correct and godforbid anyone asks me a question, that would be it...............just like that big space that's what my head feels like. I'm sure there are many of us suffering the same way. Deebee, do ask your GP to see a specialist, it is your right. Hugs(gentle) x

  • Hi, not likely to be the pills from the timing.... But dealing with pain is stressful, and stress is distracting, and distractions delay our responses, so co-ordination goes haywire causing us to fall... Probably the pain is taking concentration to deal with. I find whenever I'm in pain that I just can't think straight, walk straight, lose my balance, slip, bump, etc etc... I put it all down to dealing with something (pain) that takes energy and focus. The only way I can cope is to consciously focus and slow right down, not easy when I'm naturally a very fast mover and impatient with it!

  • Hi, i've been like this lately too. Yesterday I dropped a. glass and tripped over a chair in the doctors surgery. Also been dropping lots of other things too and had bad heads and neck and back pain for 2 weeks. I was diagnosed with fms at the beginning of the year. I dont take any meds as they make me feel totally not in control of anything. Memory has been terrible too, I forget what ive been talking about or go into a room at home and totally forget what ive gone in for. Very frustrating at the mo.

  • what you mean the walls and doors don't move and trip me up ? ha ha seriously i have always been like it but its due to my disabiliyt Mum says i used to be black and blue as a child the social services would be straight in there these days (maybe). Regarding dropping things i do have phases where i could have sworn i had hold of something but looked down to see it on the floor. I now always take the cup to the kettle never the other way round as i do not what scalds to add to things.

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