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Well, I am so glad I was sleeping alone on Saturday. As we all know, we are likely to suffer with IBS, I have suffered intermittently with this for many years, and had awful experiences in restaurants and in friends homes, but never in bed at night. I had been reading (or trying to lol) turned off the light and snuggled down to sleep. All of a sudden I felt my bowels opening and OOPS you can guess, no chance of getting to the loo. Now I dont know why but I had got the usual cover over my memory foam topper, but then I had 2 sheets on, why 2 I dont know, but I am so glad I did for it did save my memory topper from getting ruined. Perhaps I ought to put 2 sheets on always now. Cos who knows this might happen again. Anyone had similar experiences?

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Very nearly but not quite - yet!

I used to have chronic squits with IBS, but since I've been taking tramadol, no problems. It's so dam' constipating - I love it! :)

Moffy x


It's been really bad, yesterday had so many small accidents, think ill need some pads grrr lll


Hi dixie58,

To put your mind at rest maybe it is worth buying those bed pads with plastic backing & soft material on top. They are can be washed and put in the tumble drier too

I just put it into google and found a link to a shop that does an economy pad for £11.99

If you want I can PM you the link



Thanks Emma that may be the way forward, I hate this

Always hard admitting but needs to be done

Had an amazing few days, granddaughters birthday, but really flared up


Just a thought, Dixie - maybe you should get your GP to have a look at you, because there is such a thing as 'paradoxical diarrhoea', where the bowel has become so impacted with hard stool, that liquid faeces will find its way round and cause sudden incontinence.

What you describe - a series of small 'accidents' - sound suspiciously like impaction, so I would advise that you get checked before condemning yourself to padding!

Poor old you - see your GP as soon as possible, and don't be embarrassed - he'll have seen it all before, and this may be a simple solution!


This hasn't happened to me in bed but it did happen at work 10 minutes before the wife and sister of a 42 year old man were due to come in and see him in the chapel of rest (I work at a funeral directors) I managed to clean myself up a bit and they were so distressed at their loss that they didn't seem to notice the smell or the fact that I was in tears. It was after this that the doctors finally took some notice of my problems.

The toilet is only about 10 yards away from my desk but I don't always make it, even wet myself a few weeks ago when I could not get there quick enough.


It's awful when ur out, I had to shower at friends, lucky I was there, when in restaurant I just left alone quick, the smell yuk yuk, windows open all the way home lol


I have to agree with moffy if it has been happening quite frequently suddenly it would be a good idea to mention it to your GP ... Just to be on the safe side..



Okay thanks for ur advice, I do tend to let things ride as I just think it's all part of the fibro and put up with it


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