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home from hospital

well had my op and really been in a lot of pain. i have an infection too nothing sinister but enough to cause more pain. feel a lot better today got some tabs for infection. family being great and running around looking after me.

Had a total hystroctomy and for once may have pains in other places but joy of joy no back pain, cant remember the last time that i had no back pain. had lots of flowers an visiters too.

hope every when is feeling as well as they can an do not have to much pain.

lol ronald 53

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There is no place quite like home when you feel unwell is there? I am pleased that your op went well and hope that the infection clears up quickly. Relax and let your family look after you while you need them. No doubt you will be returning the favour once you are up and about again. All good wishes. Jane x


Welcome home glad it went well . Now you must be good no lifting or exhausting yourself so here is a gentle hug () :) x gins


glad it went well. no back pain - must be great!

take it easy.



I had total hysterectomy last October, advice to you is even if you feel good don't over do it, that was advice to me, they were so right, it's a major op, well done you

Take care love nicki xxxxx


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