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back from guys hospital

so I had my appointment today, and then I waited for my train and when i finally got home I had a nap.

I have to say I was extremely disappointed and upset, I had a 5 minute appointment where he confirmed I had fibro which I already and that was it. my letter said a 90 min appointment with him, physio etc so Yeh I walked out rather shaken. the effort I put into going as well as the money spent... so now I dunno what to do, sick of fighting he was meant to give me lots of info about vitamins and diets and exercise, that was what I was hoping for nd I just felt he wanted.to get rid of me.

hopeeveryone has had an ok day x x

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prof Davies



You poor thing, thats so annoying isnt it. I had exactly the same thing from my oral specialist about my TMJD. Course was just a 40min bus ride bt even so still cost me in money and energy to get there and back and just to be told there is nothing else he can do.

I can symapthise with you but try not to let it stress you too much it wont help.

lots of hugs sent your way xx


Yeh i saw a specalist for that as wellc the first appointment was cancelled on route to the hospital lol and the second one was disappointigg. I wish there were fibro experts who could deal with everything...


One word, complain :-(

Soft hugs xxx


I am sorry you had this experience too - I was under Prof Davies at Guys until he retired - did you see him privately? Sad to say I felt exactly the same as you after my 5 mins. My GP recently referred me back to Guys Rheumatology under a different consultant because we want alternative methods of treatment, eg physio, tens etc - I saw his registrar who took a lot of time and effort - the consultant coming in at the end of the consultation - his manner was dismissive and rude - however the registrar did refer me for physio which is, at least, a step in the right direction. If I have to see another rheumy at any point I shall insist on being sent to a different hospital.

Apologies for the long response, you have my every sympathy.

Are there any local health centres that have physios etc - that might be well worth investigating.


I have just moved to manchester so got to change all my drs just hope ones here can help me as pills and patches not doin much good now so we see

Love karen xx


I went to Guys fibro clinic in January following a referral from my GP. I saw a doctor, physio and then a psychologist. It was quite a trek from home but really worth it I thought. I was quite impressed as to how thorough they were. They wrote a very comprehensive letter to my GP with some recommendations on medication, exercise and cognitive behaviour therapy. They aren't seeing me again but my GP is great so I that is ok




As always, some times we wonder why we go to these appointments. I have seen several people over the last couple of years. The last one was extremely abrupt and rude, The rheumatologist was OK but ended up saying there was nothing he could do so he would not be sending for me again!. Why do we have to fight to get help and be treated as people with genuine problems instead of hypochondriacs!