I am off to the James Padgett hospital in Lowestoft this morningThis is the first time I have seen a rheumatologist here as moved from Reading and feeling a bit anxious.

My fibromyalgia is getting worse and I am having trouble walking far and just shuffle along and have lots of pain afterwards.Anyone having the same problem.

I have put on weight as I cannot exercise which upsets me a great deal.

I just do not know what to do?

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  • good luck with the rheumatologist today - I have seen one 3 times and the last visit she diagnosed me - she was brilliant lots of advice and she changed my medication which has improved my walking - I went to the bury st Edmunds hospital - but I its a bit hit and miss how the medical profession treat fibromyalgia - Neese x

  • The rheumatologist I saw in Reading were good but will have to wait and see how good they are in Gt Yarmouth.xx

  • Linjack, good luck at rheumatologist hope all goes well. I to have days when I have trouble walking mine comes and goes my bad days I just want to stay home if I can.i know what you mean about putting weight on because of lack of exercise😧 it's very difficult for me and I love a good meal!! My problem with insomnia doesn't help with late nite snacks either😖well hope you have a pain free day. Chris

  • I know what you mean about the walking and some days just wanting to lie on the sofa.I am having trouble getting dressed.May have to get my husband to help me.I usually sleep well with the amitriptyline but I often wake up with pain in my hips and it is excruciating to turn over in bed.Also difficult to get to the toilet.Take care.Linjack xx

  • Hope all goes well with Rheumy today....maybe write stuff down before you go so you don't forget as it is so easy to do at the time. My OH comes with me always and fills in the gaps for me when I get that blank look and cannot remember things....Let us know how you get on....xx

  • Yes I have already done that.But the G.P's hate you going with a list as they are so busy.I did tell my husband to try to remember things if I forget but he is not very good at remembering.The specialists usually give you more time.Will let you know how I get on.Linjack xx

  • Good luck. Hope all your questions are answered x

  • Thanks.Linjack xx

  • I hope all goes well, you have a lot going on. Meeting new medical professionals after one of the most traumatic things we can do - move house.

    As to exercise, not just for weight control. It helps, if you can, to keep your joints moving. I'm not terribly sympathetic to fads, but can you try "chairobics". Exercising to pain levels is unhelpful. Normally we'd be advised to get mildly breathless but we're not training for a marathon. There are many exercise DVDs around and perhaps Rheumatologist can recommend something. Tai chi seems popular, (I do it and its ok). My physio gave me a few. They're not enough to help with weigh, but my joints are easier, and therefore I an do other things.

    I was in Reading Tuesday.

    Good luck and I hope you find what you need.

  • Good luck with your appointment.

    It is always a good idea to ask for a copy of the letter the rheumatologist is sending to your GP.. This way you can check what has been written is correct and also as a prompt to remind you what was discussed. Make sure you ask before you are out of the door as he will have gone on to the next patient when you leave.


  • Hi your right I make sure every time I go to the hospital I ask for a copy of what he is sending to my GP. Since my GP received letters about my fibro from the hospital. He is a little bit more understanding.

  • Good luck today ❤️X

  • Hi I am afraid walking is big part of fibro. Over the years my walking has got less and less at the moment I have not been out the house for four days. I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day. I hope you get all the help you need. Good luck.

  • How did you get on at the hospital ?? - neese x

  • I genuinely hope that your appointment went well for you my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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