Home from hospital

I came home on monad but unfortunately I had to return to work the next day, I was too scared to take time off for being unwell as my job is working on the bank, which means no contract which equals no sick pay. I was having a flare up of my UC. Also I was too worried they would find a replacement for me. So with new medication in bag off to work I go.

Still having to take Movican and Lactulose daily now all the time I use morphine patches and codeine as it's making my bowels too slow. I suffer from ulcerative colitis/Crohns Disease as well as 18/18 points of fibromyalgia

I'm in a bit of a state, and now my sleep pattern is well and truly messed up. The hospital never had the correct thyroid medication so I was 25mcg short for the 3 days I was in hospital and also the fact they stopped my pain relief is now taking its toll. Been to my GP who by the way is absolutely brilliant. She is right behind me all the way, totally understands fibromyalgia and has increased my pain patches by another 12g.

Sorry to be so down and grey, fingers crossed with the weekend off work I can try and re-train my body to sleep and stay asleep.

Hugs to all fibro friends on this rainy day.


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  • Welcome Home Lucy,

    I am sure the weekend will give you some R&R that you so badly need. I hope you manage to sleep well. We are always here if you need a chat ,


  • Thank you gins x

  • *hugs* hope you have a relaxing and restful weekend.

  • Thank you for your message :)

  • Gentle hugs to you Lucy, try to have a relaxing weekend, as gins says we are here for you if u want to chat, I do wish this was like yahoo messenger it would be lot simpler to chat wouldn't it....how are you feeling gins did u have a good night....Dee x

  • Thanks Dee x

  • Glad you're home Lucy, and I hope you have a restful week-end. My husband has UC, and I know how much he suffers when he has a flare-up. That and psychological factor of always worrying about being near a loo. I just cannot imagine what it would be like to have both of these illnesses. (Fibro & UC). So glad that you've got an understanding GP, and I hope she manages to get you're meds sorted out quickly.

    lots of healing thoughts coming you're way. xx

  • Thank you gerryjay :)

  • Poor you Lucy, what a horrid time for you. I know only too well the really unpleasant position of having to use such meds. They play havoc with ones system, but on top of what you've already got going on must be ghastly. I hope you can take this weekend to wrap up and treat yourself very gently.

    I'm so pleased you have got a good GP behind you, it is good isn't it when they work with you and not against you !

    Sending healing thoughts and vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thank you Foggy, I hope that today and tomorrow I get some relief, on steroids now so hoping I get some relief ready for Monday

  • Sending you lots of resting and relaxing vibes x

  • Love your name as I too love those sweets! Thank you Haribo

  • Oooooww I love Strawbs ......scrumdiddlyumptious :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thank you,haribo is the name of my cat :)

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