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Honesty is NOT the best policy!!!

Hi All, I have just joined this Forum and been reading through some of the blogs. Like you all, I have recently had to go through an ESA Medical Assessment with ATOS. I was dead honest with the nurse who ran the assessment, told her about my struggles with dressing, getting up and going to bed, cant stand to cook and get myself drinks etc.

This week, I got the conclusion letter stating that am fit for work and they put the weekly payment up by £28. Can anyone explain the logic in this?

I cannot get out of bed or dressed by myself, but I can work??? Maybe I should have done what millions of people do everyday and exaggerated the symptoms, basically making out I am nearly dead. Would that work?

Honesty is clearly not the best policy with these people!!!

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I read somewhere on here relive your worst day and explain that , good bit of advice, people don't see the agonizing pain we feel on the inside!!!!!!

Regards Nicki xxxx


I did the same and only recently got DLA after 18 months of appealing. Then someone told me to use my worst day symptoms. I wonder if youre entitled to have some care for the mornings to get you dressed. I get personal care for that and for bathing. Without it Id be in bed all the time. It was also a battle to get that from the council and eventually I got my MP to write in. It shouldnt be this hard should it? You can have care even if you can work, to help you with housework and looking after yourself. You can even get help to get you to work and for adaptations if you need them in the workplace but I think that is from work and income. All the best to you and whichever way you feel it should be for you keep pushing your case forward and never give up. Best wishes. X


You will have to go down the appeal route good luck x gins


Thank you for the advice. I will have to look into the care thing and appeal side of it.


Hi Amethyst, i am a tad confused (not hard i know lol!!) you say they have put your money up by £28?? Have they refused your ESA?? I used to work within benefits and maybe can help explain the letter? If they have put your money up by £28 it sounds like its the severely disabled element of ESA they have added, also they may have put you in the "work related Category" and not the "support category" It just means that you would have to have interviews with the job centre if your in this category, support group means you dont have to xxx


You sound just like me and it's no surprise I went through the same thing! You are spot on the more honest you are the less you get. I was waiting outside the assessment centre when a man came out on crutches, he hobbled out the door then when he was out of site of the centre he put them under his arm and ran for a taxi! I bet he got a lot more than £28 pounds. Its all a game and we obviously don't know the rules...

Sorry not normaly as synical first thing in the morning but this subject is one of my pet hates.

Gentle hugs

Sandra x


Been there and done that. And the adviceo fuse your worst day as an example is good. It sounds like, I may be wrong, that they have put you into the WRAG(work related activity group). I never even got that far, just told fit for work and money going to stop. I appealed. Today I went to tribunal, which I am guessing you will have to do now. I never got a decision as they say they were too busy to take time out to discuss it. But by the time they had finished I was half expecting a 6 montth custodial sentence!!!!!! i wish you luck whatever route you take xx


i have only been recently diagnosed with fibro after years of terrible pain and starting to think i was going around the bend.

in 1989 i was diagnosed with CRPS as i had had terrible trouble with my knees, but as years have passed i have developed pain almost everywhere and today it feels as if i have a knife in my head and someone is stabing me in my chest.

i have been on IB for sometime, today i have received first letter explaining about ESA and now waiting for phone call.

my only real worry is if im like im today at time of interview as they would be noway that i could go there as pain is too servere even though had all pain meds.

thanks for reading and your time



Dear Amethyst_mk, I read your post above and I too felt confused, if they put your money up I was wondering if the 'fit' for work was an error and it was meant to read 'unfit', because they put your money up into the severly disabled category they obviously must have listened to you and heard you speak of your daily living difficulties - just a thought, typing and writing errors are not unknown, is there a number you can telephone and ask if this is the case??? or at least explain your confusion to them and see what they have to say, I would like to hear what they have to say if you do- so please let us know the outcome when you can.

I hope things get sorted out for you and for us all, it is hard to fight on when we feel so bad most of the time but sometimes the encouragement of others gives us that little bit of extra motivation and strength to carry on and not give up. x


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