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First of all can I say the biggest thank you to every single person who has given me advice about both filling in my PIP form and how to deal with the home visit I had.

Today the dreaded brown envelope dropped through my letter box. It took me a hour even to open it and when I did I found out that I had done it. I still can't believe it but I had been awarded the higher rate for care and the lower rate for mobility and what's more it has been back dated for just over a year.

All the stress dealing with it was worth it.

So good luck to all those still going through this , have some fath that sometimes the assessment people from ATOS can be as nice as they seem on the day.

Thank you again, it's great that I now have a piece of paper saying I am unwell , I have proved myself. And as I had to give up work the money is so helpful.

I hope everyone can have a good day today too



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Absolutely wonderful news it has made my day. Now relax and enjoy the extra money. I know it won't take the pain away but it will help you buy things that will help and as you say mentally it is wonderful to feel that you have actually been believedx

That s Brill so very, very pleased for you ,

Hugs sue xx

Congrats on getting your award. I have been waiting since January and got my letter today turning me down completely, which is a bit upsetting. I need to work out what I do now having been pensioned off from a job I loved and now this.

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Lottieonline in reply to Lruk

Hi, did you used to receive DLA before you completed PIP forms?

I'm just trying to work out why some people are receiving it and others aren't.


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Lruk in reply to Lottieonline

No this was my first try at applying for any benefits having worked for many, many years. I am going to ask for a mandatory reconsideration because some of the info they claimed I said was simply untrue and other parts they have assumed they know and they are not true either.

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Phone them Linda, as soon as you can, They only give you 28 days, after that you must go to a tribunal.

It may take a time for them to get back to you, they have backlogs on their backlogs, I have now been waiting 2 weeks for a call back. They initially told me 5 days. I have now been told that they cant give me a date. but the date that I asked for it to be looked at again has been logged.

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Lruk in reply to

Thanks for that, it is very helpful. I am planning on phoning them early tomorrow morning in the hope I am not kept on hold for too long.

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I forgot to say , ask them for a copy of your medical assessment, :P

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shopaholic in reply to Lruk

You must appeal....i did ..then i got dla and all back dated and iv just found out today il be getting it again which is a huge relief....good luck xxx

Absolutely fab news for you. You can sit and relaxe now.and enjoy xx

Hi hun that's fantastic news well done I unfortunately wasn't awarded it I didn't have enough points needless to say I'm gonna make an appeal anyway much hugs to you and again well done. XXXXXXXXX

Glad you got it I got an assesment on Monday I'm pretty lucky here that my kids are still living at home and do most stuff for me

Well done! That is absolutely wonderful and fantastic news! I am so delighted for you!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

I am really pleased for those who have been awarded PIP. I had a long fight to get DLA, eventually awarded by the Tribunal, and was then awarded PIP enhanced on both levels on my application. I was not automatically transferred as my DLA had actually ended.

For those who have not been awarded and are appealing, if you needed any support at the tribunal, this service is excellent. It is run my a lawyer, who is himself disabled and has personally gone through the tribunal process. They supported me at my tribunal and are really good. benefittribunals.net/

Well done you can relax a little now enjoy x

Well Done

Hi,im soooo pleased for you,i had the same good news today,iv been gettin dla for 3 years but i didnt know if id get it again with all the cut backs.....iv got exactly the same as you and better still i only sent it off it off 3 weeks ago!!!! No more worry...i thought id have to wait months.........i hope you all get good news...hugs to all xxxx

so pleased to haer you got your pip award .xx

Hi i started my claim in novevember 2014 and just over a week ago i had my atos assesment, ive suffered with megacolon disorder since the age of 3 and whilst i was in primary and secondary school the doctors told my mum that i was just constipated, i only just got diagnosed last year when i had a biopsy, i suffer with severe abdominal pain every 2-3 minuets on a daily basis i can only walk so far and even when i do i have to stop twice because of the pain, yesterday i received the dreaded brown letter (every post i read thats what people refer it to :D)

And it said i have been denied my claim based on the evidence provided in my disability affects you form it said nothing about the atos assesment, i think this is strange because she said it can take up to 6-8 weeks to receive a decision

Should i just wait and see what happens or phone the DWP?

Ive been waiting so long for this and it would help out my financial situation so much

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