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The dreaded fibro amongst all the rest


I'm fed up too this fibro has me good and proper fingers ties wrists omg my back and legs everything constantly hurts me can't sleep at nite so exhausted rls has me to so my legs don't rest and I was refused dla too stupid because I'm not a joker like some people I appealed it was refused again say I could walk and cook a meal they honestly having a joke on me anyway my local mp has all paper work now let's keep fingers crossed(if they don't hurt)that he will help

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Hugs Grumpy. I hope your MP can help. Seems like people who truly need DLA, etc are treated badlyy far too often. Can your GP give you something for the RLS? I have robinerole. It doesn't take it all away but certainly does help .

Gentle hugs


Hi grumpy no how u feel I have FMS amongst. Other illnesses in all four quadrants, had Bad night last night as the restless leg syndrome kicked in again and once that starts there's no stopping it, drove me bonkers, have your teeth started hurting yet, mine do, I can't use metal cutlery I have to use plastic cutlery, did suggest that get them all taken out but they said no point as it's the nerve endings that are causing the pain, although I'm 72 I still have all my own teeth and I might be more than old in body but definitely not in mind lol, I wish all the luck with your DLA gentle hugs to u xx

Hi Cookie befor I knew I had Fibro I kep getting tooth ache and problems so my dentist took all my top set out,I now get toothache where they used to be. Never knew it was connected to fibro till I read this ! ;-(

So def: anyone thinking that is the answer it isn't x x

Gentle Hugs x x

I had two of my teeth out, I have had more problems with them missing, wish I had kept them, how can you have tooth ache when there is no tooth. I hate this fibro, have had it 20 years my life had stopped :'(

Cookie72 in reply to 1508cleo

Hi Cleo I know how u feel ive had since I was 11yrs and sponylosis of the spine, Im now 72 u woud think someone would be kind and give me a break wouldn't you, i'm now having to use crutches and have done so for the past 2-3yrs as my legs feel week and the muscles hurt so much some times they are on fire, but then you know this dont you, I do hope you are having a better day today gentle hugs to you x

Hi rainbowdancer this FMS affects nearly all the body doesn't it,its a bummer, I thought like you and wanted them to take all my teeth out, but the Doc said it wouldn't make any difference, and until now I wasn't sure if he was right and a few weeks ago was going to ignore what he said and get them out, but sooo glad i didn't after reading your message,but its driving me nuts, its like shooting pains and sometimes they feel like they are swollen, sounds mad doesnt it, I mean come on swollen teeth... do you or anyone else get the feeling like someone is sticking pins in you or little electric shocks

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Sounds crazy but I had all mine taken out and still get fibro toothache kits nothing to do with the teeth. I do have a problem with aneasthetics the don't last during my cataract op I had to have drops every few minutes as the jab wore off and my last to teeth I had him take out live as I had had snuff he was shaking like a leaf when he was done we old ladies am tuff,,, p

Nice to meet u Jillylin.....What is robinerol jillylin I'm on tramadol, gabapebtin, and sertraline, and cocodamol if I need the extra push don't like taking any of them, but the pain is sooo severe , I'm beginning to get less good days these days, it's a bummer condition isn't it gentle hugs to u too xx

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I decided in my wisdom that other people were correct it was in my head and the pain was bad but bearable at the time so didn't take my meds it took just one day for me to be in so much pain I could not describe it. So I not so wise after all p

Ahh hun.I know how u feel.I'm struggling to do my job too.People don't realise that we are ill.Some of my family think i'm a hyperchondriac.Big hugs

So sorry to hear your news Grumpy ;-( I do hope you get it sorted soon,its no joke is it ? When some people get DLA and you know they are cheating the system!!

Gentle Hugs (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( :-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Hi heres some very interesting reading FREE download at Amazon Fibromyalgia Causes and Cure.This book will make you think twice Hope you have a good day

Ty for all ur comments we are truly sufferers we need break through yes I get bad toothache and I'm on morphine and still I get loads pain from fibro I also have b12 diff and copd I have injections and still I pain I will keep u posted about dla Ty everyone xx

I had to av all my teeth out in one a few month ago it was horrendous they butchered me and got infection they made that much of a mess I had to go back and have all the bones ground down now my dentist has hardly any guns to work with , yr smile is everything isn't it :'( x

oh Donna Im so sorry to hear you went thru that horendouse pain, Im so glad I listened to the Doc and didnt get mine out, and as you say your smile is every thing but bear in mind its the person that is inside that matters not whats on the outside,gentle hugs to you xx


This is appalling.

Just saying to my husband every time I go on fibro action yet another person has had

Their benefit cut.

The damage they are causing to people mentally and physically is beyond belief.

It makes me mad as hell.

Absolutely shameful!!

I don't know where all this is going to end.

Bibi x

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