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Im not sure where the posts go once we have written them but as a relatively new active member here I would like to know if anyone is in charge here or do we just muddle along because that poor lady 'Diddle' seems to have been ousted from the group for doing absolutely nothing but be herself!

In my book that is paramount to Bullying!

Why hasn't the offended been ordered to publicly apologise for their actions??

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  • Offender*

  • Starblaze you seem to have missed the posts in the Fibroaction Blog where the whole situation of who is in charge was explained and apologies were made for problems that have arisen.

    I miss Diddle as well but no one can force her to come back if she doesn't want to. I'd love to see her back as her blogs are sadly missed and made me smile.

    ((((( gentle hugs )))))

    Julie xx

  • Oh thank you Julie... My settings were a bit squiffy so I may well have missed that!

    That's wonderful news if this has happened.

  • diddle might come back one day.i email her every other day and all the stress has just made her very very ill and she cant be doing with the extra stress its taken on her right now.

    i miss diddle but she will come back if and when she feels comfortable about things and only diddle knows that,

    i care about her and so does many others.but this group has been good to me.but doesnt stop me caring about diddle.x

  • The problem is that it was a general apology, and not one

    To diddle this has been talked about so much in the last

    Few weeks.

    For me this site has been wonderful, and so much help

    But I am no longer sure that I still want to continue on

    Here still making up my mind, I don't think diddle will

    Come back,she has found some. Thing else with other

    People who had issues with this site.

    I don't have issues but I have been watching in the last

    Few months and I don't want the stress that these other

    People have had so I don't know yet if I want to continue

    In case I have the same

    Love Viv

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