hi all sorry i have not been on my depression really bad along with pain. finally got esa but at nine pond a week whoopoie like thats going to pay my bills NOT. but today i finally got a call from DLA a nive man who woke me up and asked me a few questions( now i apllied for this in july and we are almostin oct hmmmm) who said i should be hearing more from them in 7 to 10 days time and he will be making his decision in a few days. so i asked him what my chances are THIS time and he said my gp gave a very good LONG letter to them and its looking god i will finally get dla.. so cross fingers and toes as right now im sick of eating just soup n sandwhiches. my relationship with my daughter is up n down im avoiding friends my weight has sky rocketed which i have no control over and the pain is unbearable with and without tablets ..... blah blah blah you can guess the rest no point going on about it when we are all going through it or have been there.... hope everyone has had a good week missed ya all.

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  • sorry for bad spelling fingers are killing me

  • Hey you have every right to moan okay.hell the hell can people expect you to live off the amount its a complete joke.

    Keep up the fight with them.cant you challenge it?good luck with d.l:a as well.x

  • thanks hun xxx soft hugs

  • Rant all you like it helps to get it off your chest. It is terrible if you have to live entirely on soup and sandwiches - hope it is sorted for you soon xgins

  • God luv you Ziiggy £9 is an utter outrage. If you were an immigrant you'd be well looked after. It maddens me so much. Why are we the British public letting the government treat us like this. It cant go on.

    Re: DLA it usually takesbin & around 13 weeks for a decision.

    Good luck & if I were you I'd appeal ESA.

    Luv & Hugs

    Jac xx

  • Hi Ziggyinhants, I too amsuffering a lot at the moment, my weight has gone up too, i thought it was just me, i am in pain a lot, cant sleep much, and now my legs are itching so much that i have got bruises now, bloody big ones, i get very frustrated as i cant do things as much as i did before, i get e,s,a, some one told me to apply for a disabled badge for my car, is it worth the hassel i ask, i so hope u get youe, d,l,a,. x

  • Hi if you don't try for a badge you'll never get one so go for it but try not to stress to much

  • Just wanted to comment that the weight gain could well be down to the medication that you are taking. I take Lyrica - pregabalin for one of my medications and reduced the dosage because of the weight gain. Diet is also crucial but its not so easy to eat fruit and veg when you have so little to live on. Hopefully the £9.00 is just a glitch and they will sort that out soon. I got a payment of £10.00 instead of £71.00 and was told that it was an initial payment to 'balance things out first' though balance what I never understood I am about to go check and see if they have paid the rest in now. Very good luck with yours getting sorted and sooner than later. I submitted a DLA application weeks ago and haven't even heard if they have received it. Fingers Crossed. Mr. Scamp.

  • Hi Ziggy. I really feel for you on this. the government has no idea how people are (barely) living because of their stupid ideas. At the mo, Im living on the goodwill of my family and money Id saved for my water bill, which is due any day. Theres no way it'll get paid now.Ive had no benefit for 5 weeks. I live alone now, so its only me and my lil dog to feed. Eating soup and sandwiches is hardly a balanced diet, is it? (thats not a critisism, its a poke at the government)That doesnt help your health probs.How the hell are you supposed to function? It really makes me sick when I hear that people like you (and me) have to go to these lengths just to survive, when the greedy b****rds in the government are spending 1000s on social banquets for their own amusement. I cant believe Human Rights have let this blatant cruelty go on for so long. Perhaps we should all gatecrash their cosy little banquets. If we lived closer to one another, Id share my last crust of bread with you. I really hope you get sorted very soon. lotsa love.xx

  • Hi all I know buying fruit and veg can be costly you could try a small green gosers stall at the end of the day you may be able to buy some cheap its just a thought

  • im still waiting for esa to sort out as i have to wait for astos to get of their backsides... in july we took in a boarder thinking that would help but thgis person hasnt paid us either and ous us just under £600 so shoot me ......

  • also just sold 3/4 of my books to amazon to get things i need

  • hey ziggy,

    sorry to hear you are going through a tough time, £9 isn't much is it don't know how they have the cheek, the DLA sounds promising though x keep your chin up lovely xx

  • Hiya ziggy

    I applied for DLA beginning June and got decision last week it took longer than 11 wks they say at least 13 weeks. Ive asked for reconsideration because they still awarded me LR Care and no mobility, will wait and see. I to have gained lots of weight over last 6 months, Ive been told its mixture of tablets, stress, ohhh and of course my age!!!!, I'm going through the dreaded Menopause on top of everything else, us ladies have such an easy life, I wish. xx

  • you all are so sweet just woke up been asleep most of day... what a surprise but off to see gp yet again tomorrow. hope all have a good night and weekend

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