Mystery of the missing turkey

This is not something you need to earmark for your Christmas viewing; although it could be an episode from Fawlty Towers. I went to my freezer today to get the turkey crown out to defrost and it isn't there, or I can't seem to find it which might not be the same thing. I do rather think that it would be big enough for me to find, even though my freezer is crammed with things I bought twice because I forgot I had already bought them. Clearly I have forgotten to buy the turkey; I thought that last year I bought 2 because I was worried about having enough for 6 people, maybe that was the year before. I think I would remember eating it on a different occassion, but I seem to place great faith in a memory which can only be described as defective. Good job I found out that the turkey is missing now rather than when we went to prepare it for dinner; or it could well have turned into a murder mystery!

Christmas hugs to you all xx

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  • Oh gosh, I'm so pleased you went early to find your turkey otherwise as you say, things could all have gone very badly wrong!!

    Sending you every possible good wish for a Happy Christmas 😃🎅🏻

    Foggy x

  • Glad you discovered it in time, would it have been Toad in the Hole otherwise? :)

    I went to the freezer today to get the frozen gammon joint and pork out to thaw, to find I have three joints of pork and no gammon. I must have had a brain hiccup and subconsciously repeated, " have gammon, must get pork"

    I think a quick trip to the supermarket tomorrow, as early as I can make it. It goes on the lengthening list with cream, eggs and milk. I had a big order delivered yesterday to avoid this scenario, who forgets cream, eggs and milk at Christmas for heavens sake!! (Obviously me!)

    Wishing you a lovely Christmas.


  • Oh no! It is a very good thing that you still had time to buy one. I genuinely and sincerely want to wish you a wonderful Christmas and new year. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Sort of thin I would do x

  • Mystery for sure! Humm did the EC run away with the turkey???

  • Oops I hope you manage to get one' so annoying when things like this happen. Have a great Christmas.xx

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