To good to be true?

I've just checked my bank balance to see how many hundreds of pounds overdrawn I am, only to discover I am in credit by £400 thanks to a large ESA payment. It appears that I have been put straight into the support group without assessment having been told 2 weeks ago I would be called in for assessment because they had insufficient medical evidence. I'm flabbergasted, but obviously over the moon, having had an awful argument with my GP for letting me down with the information (or lack thereof) he provided to Atos. in the end my consultant wrote a strongly worded letter to Atos only last week which seems to have been the catalyst to the decision :)! I never expected it to work, let alone happen so quickly :)

My only concern is that I've had nothing in writing so I'm slightly hesitant in case it's a mistake...I don't know whether I should ring and check or whether I should keep quiet and spend the money on all the essentials I've gone without for so long :o??

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  • Enjoy! :D


  • Thanks gins xxx

  • I think, like dear gins says, go and enjoy it :d

    Foggy x

  • Thanks Foggy, I've just ordered some new bras, having been wearing a couple with a wire poking out into my ribs :) heehee. It will be lovely to be comfortable ;) x

  • Yay go for it, and I'm just so very glad you've had confirmation that you've gone straight into the support group and that the monies are right - that will be such a weight off your mind and you can be more confident for your future :-)

    Glad you don't have any more wires poking you, I've never done wired anyway, just the thought of it makes me uncomfy :o

    A treat also for the glistening person could also be on the books :d :d

    Foggy x

  • Ah yes, well my overdraft treated him to a beautiful English leather collar with brass buckles from a saddlery stall at Hickstead at the weekend, so now that credit is settled x

  • As the others say enjoy! But with a hint of caution, Get some clarification that you can keep the money and then treat yourself, you deserve it!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • I've done just that Ken, and it seems my sums were right. They've confirmed they put me straight into the support group which is such a relief. I'm quite sure it's not based on Fibro though as my GP wrote nothing of any help - but the letter about my bipolar seems to have done the trick. I've now submitted my claim for PIP but I very much doubt that will be successful. We can but would be nice to give my parents as much money as possible towards my stay :)

  • That really is wonderful news! Please do not forget to treat yourself, as the stress of going through all of this entitles you to something nice!

  • Hi Jigsawcat

    I would just call them to check, but you will probably find that a letter will arrive very shortly with all the details. I would say, get what you desperately need and then go for it when you have it in writing.

    Enjoy it!


  • Thanks Jayne x

  • Spend! After 6months of waiting and being given wrong info from Esa I know the need to refill grocery cupboards! And pay back money borrowed!

    If you do have Atos assessment ask for copy of medical report, and carefully check what has been wrote. Mine never mentioned fibro!!

  • Thanks aliboo x

  • The decision letters for DWP tend to be delayed whereas the money is processed the day that the decision is made. That's why the money is in your account before you receive your decision letter. Enjoy and make sure you treat yourself. Btw PIP has a massive backlog so you could be waiting months for that. x

  • very good news enjoy the money.x

  • Great news :) you should get all the essentials while you can. I usually get a letter some time after the money goes into my account. You might want to double check maybe just phone them up.

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