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DLA decision time

I have recently applied for different rate of dla I have been waiting 13 weeks so far even though it says it takes about 11 wks. I know that they back pay you,( if you are lucky enough to get it). I rang them over a week ago and it was with an assessor apparently, but I still haven't heard anything, no mention of medical or anything. I might be lucky ehhh, doubt it, although I did send in doctors letter and OT assessment papers. I was wondering if anyone else knows how long it is taking at the moment. x x

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Hi there i have done exactly the same back in April it took exactly 11 weeks for them to actually lower my rate not what i wanted so i appealed which took another 8 week, i am now appeaaling again with Welfare Rights ive just had a letter saying its another 11 weeks, i think its disgusting how they deal with appeals, they basically put them to the back of the pile and start again, instead of having a dedicated appeals section that picks it up where it left off just dealing with the reason why your appealing, its all a load of rubbish they dont know their arse from their elbow! But good luck hope you get what your wanting x x x


Mine is under reconsideration at the moment and it took them 3 weeks to even acknowledge they'd had the letter .

I'm on LRC and LRM at the moment and I asked for MRC . I'm not holding my breath though .

I was told 11 weeks , but it took them 13 weeks to make the original decision so I'm not expecting to hear any time soon.



i applied in feb, 1 week later got 2 letters , 1 saying will be contacting drs etc other saying i been refused, put appeal in, got another letter 3 weeks later saying due to the back log it will be 27 to 31 weeks before i receive a appeal date for my case to be looked at, so hopefully around December will get some info, if i win anything i hope it is back dated to Feb, good luck x


I applied forst in 2010 it took just over a to get a decision and my appeal, in June this year I got another knock back and I am appealing again, by December this year it will be two years.

Good Luck though. x


Thank you all for your replies, I got my letter today saying that I am still on LRC, which I have been on for 16 years, I have rung and asked for appeal, looking at the reasons they have given I don't think they have read my papers, they just keep referring to 1996 and have even said I will continue to get LRC at £14.90 per week which was how much it was in 1996. ( not gone up much, has it)

They apologised for the typing error and said it should be £20.55. I am determined not to just let it go and I will fight it all they way.

They have said I can walk 100 mtrs slowly, I can't and I put 10 metres on my papers, with 2 crutches and in a lot of pain. They said i can get in and out of bed without help. when I sent them the list of items ~OT had given me one of which is a frame on side of bed to help me get in and out., and my husband helps me. I am going to fight this all the way, everyone who I showed the letter to have said they havn't even read your change of circumstances, they can't have because nothing makes any sense.

Meanwhile, I will continue with my anger on simmer when I see people get out of their new mobility cars, parked beside me in the disabled car park and they get out and run to the shop door, while I'm struggling on 2 crutches and arrive drenched and soaked through, out of breath, because I walk so slow and in agony, which I know will be worse tomorrow because I've been sat in wet clothes.

Thanks again, sorry for going on but I can't help it, and I know you all understand.

I hope you all have good luck because they have to pay back pay to the first application date.


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