Jelly wobbles!

I have noticed for quite a while that when i go out walking for any distance my legs start shaking uncontrollably and it is getting worse and becoming noticeable perhaps to others, i am quite worried about it and it feels awful,today i went for a lovely walk with my gorgeous doggies and my legs started shaking and wobbling i had no control over it infact when i stood still it appeared to get worse so i just carried on and tried to ignore it! This evening my legs hurt a lot and i feel very weak and stiff, thankfully i am seeing my G/P on Weds! Has anyone else experienced this,is it Fibro related or could it be something else? Thanks xxx

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  • Hi

    I get this when i stand too long or sometimes just in the right leg! I also get this in my arms and the more i try to stop it the more it happens and it becomes more noticable. :(

    It may be the fibro but i would mention it to the gp when your next there just to check as it may not be related althou im assuming mines is related to the fm!!! :-/ may take my own advise :-) xx

  • Hi Tinkerbell yes i have had it in my arms and hands before, think we definitely need to mention it to our doctors! Thanks for advice Love Della xxx

  • Yes i think we should mention it to our doctors........let me know how you get on!

    Take it easy

    Gentle hugs xx :-)

  • I often get this when I'm in the supermarket. Once when I was out with my son it happened when I was standing on a flight of metal stairs - my leg was shaking so much that the whole staircase was vibrating loudly! My son was collapsed in fits of laughter and everyone else was giving me strange looks - so embarrassing!

  • I have mentioned it to my doc but he says fibro but then if I went in with a leg missing he would say fibro, easier that looking into it. I was tested from ms so not that however my friend with ms had three mro's before diagnosed as they thought she had strokes. Go to yo doc and tell him and ask for checks into new symtom x

  • i start shaking if i do too much or when i'm walking i take a snack, just a banana and some crisp, and eat it when i feel it starting people say i'm diabetic but i've been tested so it's defo the fibro for me

  • I get this all the time when i walk for more that about 10 - 15 mins. I then have to sit down otherwise i start stumbling and feel i will fall over. Recedntly my 13 yr old son was with me when i had the worst attack of it. People giving him sympathetic looks like his mum was a drunk as he helped me over to a bus stop to sit down. When i got up it was worse and he wanted to call an ambulance but i shakily assured him i would be alright in a minute. I was after about 10mins. In a way i do wonder what would have happened if he had - but was too worried about leaving car in the carpark for too long. Cant really afford the car let alone any tickets.

  • I get the wobbles quite badly at times and sometimes lose feeling so that i fall but thabkfully not often, I had a ton of blood tests and brain scan and all came back negative (thankfully). I have just accepted it's a part of me and i just rest and get on with it and when it's bad i use my walking stick, (i'm 33) and find it embarresing but just get on with it, so you are not alone xx

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