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Does a fibro flare last for years and does it affect balance.


Hi am new to everything fibro. Have not been diagnosed as yet but have a lot of the symptoms. Would like to ask about the flares I have read about. My pain levels in my legs have been getting steadily worse over the past 3 years.Cannot touch my thighs without acute pain. Various trigger points else where. The thing is this pain is always there, it does not flare as such.Can the symptoms be unremitting? Muscles are increasing stiff and my walking is awful. My balance is shocking and getting worse. My legs feel as if someone has hit them with a baseball bat and that is all along the thigh area. I cant tolerate even the cat walking over them.Do others experience problems walking. I actually feel as if my legs don't belong to me. This is so frightening. I am 55 but up until 5 years ago was fit doing lots of sport. Now all i can do is walk but am wobbly when I do it.

I have other tender points over my back and chest but my legs cause me so much grief. Its the wobbly feeling which really frightens me.


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A flare is usually short lived but horrid Yes my legs do not tolerate being touched sometimes my ears and eyes are very sensitive.

Have you been diagnosed?

Hope we can help Keep coming on and do take a look a Fobroaction .org excellent site full of useful material.


lizzie1 in reply to Ginsing

Thank you gins will take a look at the site.

Hi agree with everything dear gins has said, Fibro flare is no respecter of time, it comes and lasts as long as it lasts, differently for everyone I would say. I hope you can get a proper diagnosis soon and then can get some meds sorted out to help you.

I'm sorry your legs are so badly affected, I don't have huge problems with them, I can walk without too much difficulty but its my spine and shoulders, but of course the spine can effect the walking when spasms hit. As gins sad there is so much information on the FibroAction site that could help you.

Do keep popping in and we do have some more light hearted posts that hopefully distract us, even for a little while from what we are going though.

Positive healing vibes coming your way

Foggy x

thanks foggy for the reply. Its odd that it affects people in different parts of the body.

yes as the others say I also bounce from wall to wall in a super market i can bounce from person to person :O have to take someone with me to protect them lol hope your feeling better soon xxxx

lizzie1 in reply to Morwenna

Thank you at least I now know its not just me walking in a wobbly fashion.

yes I am like you, cat on the lap and I shoot through the roof, even the smallest one I have...I have started walking more, as my legs are rally painful to touch, and I can no longer even cross them....I am over weight so joined WW and got a pedometer and I use this everyday, which has seen my walking pace and distance increase...But my flares ups are all in top half, I get stabbing pain in arms, hands, shoulders, back and really anywhere from neck to hips, and when it flares I am there for approx 3 months.....Try to do a little walking and see if it eases at

lizzie1 in reply to pjmain

I do walk everyday but this seems to make the pain even worse. Its so confusing.

Hi yes Fibro can affect any part of your body, flares can happen anytime and last short or long periods of time, I have a flare up at the moment, it affects my teeth too which can be very uncomfortable, I hope you haven't got this terrible condition, get your doctor to check your vitamin D levels as low vitamin D levels in your body can cause pain and stiffness, but if it turns out that you have please don't let it take hold of you fight back, eat healthy and do gentle exercise. Read all about it and find ways to stop flares eat a lot of protein such as shakes, eggs, fish, some foods can trigger it off, such as too much caffeine, sugar, sweeteners, by eating healthy it will help with the weight gain that some people get with Fibro, it can cause you too do less activity, find exercises that are easier on your body such as swimming or gentle walks. Good luck with your results, take care and gentle hugs Xx

lizzie1 in reply to panther237

Thank you panther for you reply. Have had my Vit d checked and it was fine. I have an underactive thyroid as well so it sometimes can play a part.I have increased my meds thinking that this would alleviate the pain if it was thyroid but there is no change in the pain no matter what dose of thyroid I am on. Thats why I am thinking maybe it is fibro.x

Yes I suffer form fibro and yes it does effect balance. I suffer with terrible balance and sometime I actually fall over. I hope this Hope this helps


lizzie1 in reply to viking

Thanks viking. My balance is getting steadily worse. Just got a letter from my neuro today saying there is nothing wrong with me and discharging me. Then went for a walk and staggered drunkenly round the fields came home and cried my eyes out. I cant work, have been turned down by the DLA. Just want to be me again. x

RIBBONPINK in reply to viking


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