I've been led to information about this medication and wondered if anyone else had come across it or tried it.


It looks really promising and gives a plausable reason for all our suffering. Its a safe medication and is found in Benylin and expectorants. For it to work in Fibromyalgia we have to avoid Salicylic asperin but also other products that might contain it, like toothpastes and moisterisers apparently. It also says to avoid aloe, ginseng and caster oil, and menthol....which is why it wouldn't work to take benylin. Its possible to get it on its own in tablet form.

It really looks like an exciting treatment. If the link doesn't work or isn't allowed, its all about Phosphate retention. Apparently scientists have found that there is a genetically damaged enzyme with fibro sufferers that means we have a build up of phosphates in our body. It doesn't get stored in the blood though so it doesn't show up in blood tests, it gets stored in the cells and bones. Some phosphate is used properly, but the rest builds up gradually over time. Kidneys work fine, but there is some fluid and phosphate retention going on. This build up interferes with mitochondrial function, creating an inability to generate enough energy.

Symptoms depend on where the phosphates are being stored. Sleep problems and brain fog show storage in the brain. Pain shows storage in muscle tissue and gut problems show storage there. Hormone isses show storage in various glands.

This theory says that we can clean out the excess phosphates using Guaifenesin. Its a treatment not a cure and it would have to be a continuously taken thing to keep our bodies clear. It doesn't fix the genetically deformed enzyme.

Apparently the build up of phosphates affects how we can use calcium in our body, which accumulates in the cortisol... which we all know leaves us sluggish in the morning. The calcium stimulates cells to keep working when they should be resting.

It all looks pretty spot on to me.....but I'd love to hear form anyone who has any personal experience of this stuff.


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  • oh that sounds interesting but i would check with hu it is ok for you to put this on here as i would hate you to get in trouble bless you but it sounds very good all the same love to you and good luck with your pursuit of the drug maybe go and see your gp too he may be able to help you love diddle xx

  • I am grateful the post was made because we're discussing what's out there being discussed as potential solutions.

    Until someone tries it and says it worked or didn't, we won't have facts to go on.

  • I don't know how to check with HU diddle. I can't find anywhere to email admin. I apologise in advance if its against HU rules x

  • You don't have to check with HU Stepper. If you are at all unsure about a link or article all you have to do is to ask Admin here. We will then check the link and see if the information contained therein complies with our Rules and Guidelines. There is no need at all to contact HU for something like this. :)

    There has been a lot of debate about the effects of Guaifenesin with Fibroymalgia. However articles by Dr Paul St Armand are not proven either medically or scientifically. They are also not evidence based. As the article states it is purely a theory.

    Unfortunately on this occasion we will have to remove your link and post a comment under the article stating this is purely theoretical etc. I hope you understand.

  • Thank you Liberty. I did send a message to someone eventually lol Yes I understand perfectly x Thanks for being clear x


  • My pleasure Stepper and we appreciate you posting and your understanding too. I have asked Lindsey to take a look at the article as I know we've had an article via Dr Amand before that we had to think about regarding posting it in the forum.

    Thanks again, take care! :)

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