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What should I ask my doctor?

I have only been diagnosed with fibro by my doctor. He has now left and I will be seeing a new doctor this week. Should I ask to be sent to the hospital to see someone who knows more about fibro? Who would be best, a rheumatologist? I have never had a check to see where my tender pain points are. I want to come off Amitriptyline as I am sure that has caused my weight gain. Has anyone else experienced itching? Since being put on a higher dose (50mg) I have itching round the sides and front of my neck. No other explanation for it. What could I ask to be put on instead of Amitriptyline as it doesn't really help much with pain at night.

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Morning Gill do ask to be referred to a specialist at the hospital they will check your points and try to help where they can mine gave me physio xrays insoles for my shoes blood tests very thorough. I cannot comment on the drug but itching comes with fibro mine is hellish at times I use Antihistamines and Euromax to stop the itch. Good luck let us know how you get on x gins


Yes you should be asking to be refered the rhumatoligist would be a good start he will do a pressure point test. I am on ametriptaline and I do get itching but havn't had a weight gain from the meds just because I have days when I can hardly move so comfort eat. Good luck xx


I'm not on any meds apart from levothyroxine (for low thyroid levels) and recently started taking regular multivitamins again, lately I've been getting the itching too - and my legs twitch as I'm falling asleep... the cat's not too keen on sleeping by my feet anymore!


Hello Gill :)

I experience itching too. Can be really full on... like its itching underneath the skin. I tend to get it at my neck, belly, legs and hips the worst. But I also get it everywhere else too. A deep itch. I have found its part of the Fibro. I have not taken that drug, so cannot comment on that. Definitely see a specialist if you can... ans ask if he/she knows about fibromyalgia first.

LoveLight to you



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