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My mother in law was issued a blue badge a year ago because she's partially sighted. To renew she has to complete a fresh application? You'd think that the council would keep her details and realise she won't improve. I can understand they want an update but she remains eligible, more unnecessary bureaucracy designed to put people off.

I will apply when my mobility meets their criteria. I can walk further than their limits but am increasingly vulnerable and uncomfortable.

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  • Sadly sniffer it's the same with so many things, they are riddled with unnecessary bureaucracy, it seems to me the amount of paper work is there just to put people off. I always make a copy of any form I've filled in then just transfer it onto the new one, it helps as my memory is so unreliable.

    Foggy x

  • Hi - yes I try to be meticulous in my own dealings. Anything official and especially with a Tory government determined to eradicate welfare, we have to tenacious.

  • I don't think they are trying to eradicate welfare completely just make sure only genuine people get what's due to them and what they've paid for, I agree it's a nightmare filling in all the forms when I had to renew my blue badge I couldn't believe the number of pages thought I'd never get to the end and most of it was exactly the same as I'd filled in before.

  • Perhaps a slight exaggeration on my part but I have no doubt that those furthest to the Right of the political spectrum would happily apply survival of the fittest practices. Those of us who are vulnerable and/or chronically ill are too needy and expensive.

  • Arymretep,

    I don't think you could be more wrong in your assumption of them not wanting to eradicate welfare completely,, like always they just won't admit it. They will continue with their propaganda campaign turning hard working families against lazy people who do not want to work, a bit like the propaganda in Germany during the war, everything was the fault of the Jews and things needed to change.

    The only two groups that will exist in the media is Hard Working Familys and Those Who Don't Want To Work.

    They will only mention the disabled, as fleetingly as possible as they are forced to..

    They will then keep chipping away in the vane they have done until it is all gone National Health, Welfare, State Pension,,, the lot. Further I don't think it will matter what party is in the driving seat,,, it's a bit like the cost of living it always goes in one direction.

    You may disagree with me if you want but I will attribute your thoughts to Cognitive Dissonance.

    Think about it!

  • RayB, I can assure. You I am not suffering with cognate dissonance or any other sort of mental stress, I am as clear in my opinion as you are in yours and don't think there is any need to be so personal, everyone is entitled to their opinion, please have respect for others views

  • Arymretep,

    One dose not necessarily "suffer" per se form Cognitive Dissonance.

    I made no assumption to your stress levels.

    In this instance it means that you believe the benefit will, exist in future just because it exists at present,, a habit of thinking.

    I was not at all being personal.

    I am however basing my view on the habits of governments to date,, with respect I am not sure what your basing your opinion on if not assumption based in Cognitive Dissonance.

  • No need to explain cognitive dissonance thanks, as to the basis of my opinion it's the fact that the Government continues with the welfare state while trying to make sure it goes to the right people, if they wanted to eradicate it altogether they would have done so, that's not to say they won't one day, but not in the foreseeable future. We obviously differ in our opinions

  • Your very welcome!

    That is not how governments do it, they change things gradually so not to cause revolution.

  • LOL Revolution, that sounds rather 60's! send for Wolfie. (citizen Smith )😃

  • I am not familiar with the TV program you speak, I have never been interested in TV and have never had one. I like books, it's less superficial and more likely to have less mind controlling propaganda. If you find that a strange notion try and find a book called: The Glass Teat.

    Revolution has happened through the ages. Over 900 Revolutions and Rebellions are listed in the history books. They have went on from the beginning of time and will not end with the next one, Government fear revolution.

    In fact from 2010 alone there have been 17 Revolutions on this planet.

    Basic political science theory teaches to change things slowly so it minimises the risk of the people revolting,, but I expect you already know this!

  • Your'e right C S is a TV programme I'm sure you'd find it interesting and quite funny 😃 No tv? 😟

  • I agree that having to fill in one of those long forms (did it for my mother in law) is an absolute bind especially when someone has either remained the same or deteriorated you would think a simple letter from a doctor or specialist to confirm would be enough.

    If you are thinking of applying remember it is being able to walk that distance without stopping and having alot of discomfort. It might be worth you having a go..Good luck if you do.x

  • Thanks Rosewine, I'll apply when I feel ready to respond to any challenge that may be directed at me. Fear not, if I'm entitled, I'll pursue.

  • Dont forget that walking speed is taken into account if you can only walk at less than half the speed of an unimpaired person then it is classed that you cannot do that activity.

    Thats how it reads to me.

  • Hi - that's interesting, I walk increasingly slowly with a stick. I take the pictured pooch out and have bit by bit reduced distance I can walk. To compensate I take him out for an extra short walk at night.

  • Why was she only awarded the badge for a year? My mother (Scotland) had hers issued for three years and me (England) also three years. It might be worth checking up before filling in another form. I have just renewed mine and more or less copied what I put on the last form!

  • Oops, my mistake, she has had for 3 years.

  • Unfortunately this is the ruling. My local council has changed the form from last time to make it even harder to get one. I think they go for the one size fits all so make everyone reapply in case circumstances change whether they have or not!!

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I know this from personal experience as my wife has to go through the same rigmarole all the time with her blue badge. I want to sincerely wish you and your mother in law all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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