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hi all , i have just ordered my first mobility scooter,should get it in the next two weeks. never thought it would come to this.anyway should be very helpful and get me out more,i am 52 but feel a lot older. pain all over, and soooo brain foggy. scared to go out in it as i dont want people staring at me so might have to take someone with me till i get use to it.any one else iwith the mobilty scooter how did you cope when you first went out in it.xx

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  • I got my mobility scooter when I was 47 ... Have had it a year now and its been wonderful... Yes you get the odd people who tut .. I even had one man stop in front of me and say to his wife loudly.... another one of them .... I replied just as loudly ... I can't walk think yourself lucky you can ... He moved.... You will get used it it and the vast majority of people are very helpful and friendly ... Especially drivers when you want to cross the road...So go for it hold you head up high and enjoy your new found freedom... Just don't do what I did..

    Fell off it sideways getting off it in my drive .. Caught the forward handle as I fell and it shot forward pinning me to the ground resting on my foot.... I couldn't get up.. Had to phone my OH to come rescue me.... I was ok just a bruise or two... My OH and son asked me to do it again to get it on you've been framed..... I refused..... Basically. Cos I couldn't repeat something so stupid a second time ... Which is unusual for me :D

    VG x

  • Hi there VG and 1962 could I be rude and ask u how much they are, and do u know which would be the best one to get, only my legs have really gotten bad, I use to drive but can't do that any more, I walk around on crutches be cause my legs hurt so much and feel like they are going to collapse, I've been thinking about it for sometime, but haven't had the guts to get one, I suppose I felt like I was giving in, stupid I know, ske care gentle hugs ....Dee x

  • I got mine from the local mobility shop they were fantastic they let me try out any I wanted and walked with me as I test drove them... I got a big one even though I am quite little as I wanted a high back seat a nice size basket on the front and a pouch on the back where I keep my folding walking sticks... It takes up to 24 stone and does up to 8 miles an hour .... But as I am only 10 stone I can get 10 miles an hour out of it downhill.... :D Now you see how used to it I have become...... It can go on the road or pavement .... road tax is free.... so on the quiet roads on my estate I can blast to the local shop ... It also has adjustable armrests and adjustable steering column so it super comfy.... I bought one with solid tyres as my mum has had one for years and keeps getting punctures in her inflatable tyres

    Mine cost me £1900 new but I am paying for it on my intrest free for two years credit card and if I haven't managed to pay it off by then I will just transfer the balance to another intrest free credit card....

    There are cheaper and more expensive ones out there, you can also get reconditioned ones but I wanted one tailored to suit me ... As like you I was getting housebound and can't drive anymore

    Hope that helps

    VG x

  • There was a leaflet in my TV magazine this week form CareCo, who currently have huge discounts on Mobility Scooters.

    Their store is at Chelmsford in Essex, but alternatively you could call them on Freephone 0800 755 5005 and ask for then to send you one of these leaflets.

    Another option might be to flick through the TV magazines in your local newsagent to see if the same leaflet is there.

    Em x

  • Awhhh - sorry, but I had to laugh - glad you weren't badly hurt, VG. :)

    I can't understand for the life of me why anyone should stare or make a comment about someone having to use a mobility scooter - it's something that could happen to each and every one of us, and hardly causes problems for the general population!

    If someone gives you a hard time, just run over their foot - it would be worth appearing before the Magistrates! :D

    Moffy x

  • I know on the pavement in crowds I drive at 2mp max which is slower than a lot of people walking to make sure I don't hit anyone ... But there's always going to be the odd one. Who snipes..


  • Haha . I will do that ladymoth , I am paying off mine monthly as I couldn't afford to pay out right, got it from the mobility shop it's £50 a month think that's the middle range ones there are some a bit cheaper depending on your needs. XX

  • I've heard that some people get them free on the NHS is this true?

  • Only if you are on high rate dla and use that to hire a mobility scooter which can be replaced every three years.....

    VG x

  • But do they take your DLA high rate away for the mobility scooter? They do if you buy a car.

  • I got my mobility scooter a year ago at age 35! First one I got was a lightweight folding "boot" scooter, which was handy for my husband to take in and out of car and fine for going round shops (flat surface), but when using on normal pavements near home, every time I went over a bump it would trip out. Also it only went 4 miles on a charge.

    I now have a more heavy duty scooter that can go upto 35miles on one charge, upto 8mph and has such good ground clearance (5inch approx) I can even take it into the forest. It also has a higher seat position so easier to chat with people when using it (folding one I was at waist height). It does come to pieces aswell to go in car. I paid £1,000 and paid using a work loan that I'm paying back monthly.

    Folding ones are much cheaper, but you need to consider where you will use it and how far you will travel.

    Yes you get the looks and the comments (especially if like me you can walk with stick on better days and use scooter on bad days), but it has given me the freedom to take my daughter to and from school every day and to go on days out. It even meant I could go on a family holiday to Disneyland Paris (which I could never have walked round). So the freedom it gives is worth a million dirty looks and snide comments.

    Enjoy your new scooter x

  • Btw 1961, when I first got scooter, I had my hubby come with me the first few times until I had the confidence in the scooter to not break down and got used to the width of it, manouvering, and it's capabilities. It only took a couple of short trips and now I love my scooter x

  • My daughter is a very young looking 33 in June and has had her scooter 2 1/2 years, she has had her fair share of comments and strange looks mainly form older people (who should know better!!), her way of dealing with it is to give them a huge smile and say hello, disarms them totally. She has hers through DLA, I think the payment is about £15 per week taken directly from her benefit. Anyone thinking of getting a scooter, hold your head up and enjoy the freedom it will bring, I manage with a stick for short walks and a four-wheeled walker with a seat for longer walks, but will not hesitate to "upgrade" to a scooter if necessary.

  • I felt very self conscious when I got my scooter ( from Lloyds Pharmacy online for around £400). I live facing a gorgeous park and it was so depressing me not to be able to walk around it ,but now with my scooter I can trundle over there with a book and spend some time in the fresh air -when it stops raining lol.

    I still don't go out as much as I should, as I often feel too worn out somehow. There are so helpful people out there, as well as the grumpy ones, when it comes to scooters..but on the park a guy out walking his dog helped me manoeuvre through a tricky gate :)

    Maybe its time we had a local scooter rally? Might encourage me to pimp my ride!!!


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