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How have people qualified for high rate mobility? I have problems walking,I use crutches and can't walk much further than the end of my walk.I sometimes fall because of poor balance due to fibro. I also have depression which makes me nervous about going out and being around people when its at its worse.I'm appealing DLA at the moment and should hear their decision after a medical which they are coming to my home for.I'd like to get a more reliable scooter through mobility but you need high rate to do that..I need to have a little money to use for taxis in bad weather as I'm stuck indoors if I can't use my scooter and can't attend any appointments.

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  • The only person I know who gets this is my mum who for years has had trouble walking more than few steps on sticks and is in terrible pain with arthrits when she does. her knees have gone, so has one ankle she had one knee replaced and it didn't go as well as expected so they didn't do the others and has had her ankle reset, again not a success... Here's hoping someone who actually gets it will post soon and help you more

    Hugs VG x

  • i get high rate moibility for fibro..... i had to go to appeals, then they sent out a doctor to see what aids and things i do at home, which i have, bath, bed, electric chair(( somedays i wish it would electricute me lol).. my advice to you is, go to appeal,, tell them everything u have said in your post here, and i am sure you will be ok....... ask me anything i will try to help you get it, as i can see by your post you suffer the same as me xx

  • Thanks Diane, This my third time of asking them to look at my application again.I'll have to hope I'm having a bad day like I was when the DR for esa did my medical!

  • im kinda in the same position i used to be on high rate but at the last tribunial it was put down to low rate as my rheumy had put a qeustion mark next to RA my gp was really angry that they were intially going to stop dla and wrote a letter stateing that its not the name of the condition but how it affects me i.e my lack of abilty to walk very far and am always in extreme pain which walking makes worse so they gave me low rate ive descided recently despite my deppression to try make an effort but i cant get anywhere so need a scooter i cant obviously get this coz of the low rate i do have the diagnosis of fibro and some type of arthritis ?,cps,clinical deppresion and spondolitis of the spine cervical and lumber but i am afraid to let them know this in case its not enough and they stop what i do get xxx

  • hi there

    good luck with it as i hear it is difficult and it does go based on your issues and needs.

    you will need to keep all medical paper work and have a good supporting letter from your GP too and as VG said its how far and what it causes and the aids you have. would you be better with a mobility scooter as using crutches can provoke neck arms and hands and your posture too (so i was told ) as the conditions i have added this is what they said no crutches personaly for me.

    i have now got aids at home minus a electric chair so jealous lol

    but i am awaiting more things and is a 12 week waiting list.. end of day a lot of ppl do not like to admit disability either and neither do i and neither does my mother in law who is riddled in arthritis and has diabeitis and the only thing she has is a badge for parking no aids at home . think since she seeing how i am at my age she is coming round to giving in as sometimes it is vanity and pride and i have a lot of that but now i believe i go for what makes life much easier and helps me do the things i once did so easily.

    you can only keep trying and fighting and not giving in fight for what you believe you need to help make life easier and so far i have not had to fight i was given and offered as i was told 'when' you need these things call us not 'if' which made me actually sit up and have long think when was home what i was becoming and having to accept changes.

    if your walking is bad make sure you get every possible help you need the Social services are very prompt with service and very helpful you can get your local help from your DR receptionists who should be able to help with everything.

    keep us posted and yes i do write such long bloggy blogs lol sorry ;-) cazzie xxx

  • Thanks.I do attend physio and I have also seen an occupational therapist who sorted aids for me.I also have an electric chair.I use crutches and a mobility scooter.even though I told dla about all these things and how I struggle they straight away said that I couldn't have benefit this was in June last year.Hopefully I will hear when The medical is this week and it will be eventually sorted!!

  • How do i start the ball rolling to get aids for my home, i struggle everyday with stairs etc, could do with help getting around house more comfortably, if that's possible. Gentle hugs. x

  • ask your GP to refer you to occupational therapy,they will come to your home and do an assessment of your needs.it can take up to 18 weeks though.if you have personal care needs ask your go to refer you to the adults with disabilities team and a social worker will come out to your home and assess your needs.

  • Thank you very much Gentle hugs :))

  • you're welcome x

  • You need to request an occupational therapist assessment. This is free, and you can either ask your GP to request for one, or you can put it in yourself. Just send a letter to your local council for the adult services, and request this. They will come out and assess what you need. This is available for rented, council or home owner. They gave me half steps, handrails and toilet raisers etc. They are really good people and can help so much. Good luck. x

  • Don't take no for an answer, i advise anyone who gets turned down to appeal.

  • I got high rate mobility without question! A GP came out to assess me and he obviously knew and could see just how difficult it was for me to get around. I'm really surprised Amanda that you don't get it. I'd keep trying, your story sounds just like me!! XX

  • when they come to your home be very careful tell them how you are on your worst day the first time i aplyed they sent a doctor he was awful he didnt beleive me i should him how i have to get down the stairs he just laught and said what did i expect at my age and that i was the same age as him 67 years and you had to expect pain i told him i was active till i had an accident at work i work at the doctors and a chair fell on my toe that when i started with fibro i apealed i even got in touch with my m.p because of the way he had treated with me i am glad to say they reverse it and i got it for a year top mobility middle care then i had to put in for it again after a year they sent another doctor i was dreading it when he came i was in bed as i had a bad flair up as stress makes it worse i didnt expect him on the day he arrived but i saw him anyway he was realy lovely different from the first doctor he knew all about fibro and i have now got it for another 3 years so the best thing is to get in touch with your doctor and get him to write a letter on your behalf about your fibro also have you got O.T looking after you if not get your doctor to get in touch with them you need to get as many people you can to explain how your illness afects you get in touch with citizens advice as they can help hope this helps hugs and all the best carolx

  • I had 2 appeals, 2 tribunals and an ATOS medical,

    After crying through the last tribunal i got 3 years High DLA mobility and Middle care. It is very hard these days to get any support but i felt so strongly and so unwell that I felt I had to fight it. Most days i am just laying in bed with pain all over my body.

    good luck dont' give up

  • Thanks everyone.I nearly gave up because ,like a lot of people it seems, I didn't want to make a fuss and thought perhaps there were people who deserved it more than me.I'm in a flare at the moment and this is the first one I felt coming on.I suppose I know the symptoms now.I'm even having to use a crutch indoors,I usually only use them outside.My thumbs are also playing me up down the front middle of each is numb but when I touch them there is an intense burning pain.I also broke my left ring finger 6 weeks ago.I'm not sure if I should ring dla to let them know? The DR who came for ESA medical also came a day early and I was in bed.I think he knew what a state I as in as It took a while for me to get downstairs and i was nearly bent double in pain by the time I reached the lounge so he said he wouldn't do the physical as I was in so much pain.The letter said the outcome of the appeal would rest on the decision of the GP who comes out to assess me so I really hope I get a good one!!

  • hi,you say you have trouble walking "to the end of your walk" well in my expierience to get mobillity at a hight rate you have to be unable to walk more than 20 yards...perhaps you didnt say this..i have been fighting since 2010..and also i hear people say they got DLA for RA FIBRO etc but ..its not WHAT you have its how it affect your day to day living..perhaps you havent stressed that?..keep me posted and good luck pet... jenny x

  • i have my DLA hearing now in feb, my solicitor thinks i've gt an argument regarding high mobility, because I spolit the possibility of having medium care when i first filled up the form myself doing it wrong. I hope things go alright but I still will be having to go up five floors every time I leave home for any reason. Then I have to walk to find my car because i've got no parking - never cared about this, but now it's killing me and don't think dla is going to help all this.

    I guess all we can do is keep trying - for as long as you can do this no reason to lose hope but we really need a strengh that probably most o us do not have tat's why it's important to have a good solicitor with the right experience - they can help you so much - I have all my hopes in mine. best of lucks!

  • I can't afford a solicitor

  • Some of the organisations listed on the page below provide free legal advice:


    Also, if you haven't got the Benefits & Work guides, email info@fibroaction.org and our Administrator Emma will email them out for free.

  • Thanks,I have typed out some information about how my health problems affect my life and the aids I use. it's 3 pages long!I thought I wouldn't need to remember it all then and could just give it to the Dr when they come.

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