The Myans , the rain and star trek 4 the movie

Woke up today all prepared for the end of the world and instead it was raining as it has been non stop since October... The bits of my skin not covered in candle wax have gone like a prune.... Then a thought struck me... It was wrapped round a stone, I suspect thrown by Sandra99b as Libby and Gins SAY they are too busy baking...... Anyway its obvious the Mayans mixed up the end of the world with the plot of star trek 4 where an alien craft makes it rain constantly eventually bringing about the end of the world cos they can't find the humpbacked whales... So I am going to attempt time travel on my mobility scooter back to the 1980,s and bring back two humpback whales called George and Gracie in my shopping basket thereby saving the world.. Have donned sequinned outfit with shoulder pads , and big hair so I should blend in quite well

See you all ... well now .... if the time travel works though I am not quite sure if the whales will fit in my garden pond....

VG x

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  • hahaha that's a good supposition about Star Trek 4 lol!!

    I live in north Devon where it rains a lot anyway, so am developing webbed feet :-) I feel sorry for those poor souls who've been flooded out for the umpteenth time. Am taking a wild guess that there will be no snow this Christmas!

    We can't have too many humpbacks and would love to be there when you try to coax one onto your scooter :-D if they won't fit in the pond, how about the bath?

  • I'm glad that you are correctly attired for your world-saving mission - too many super-hero's these days just don't pay attention to these kinds of details!


  • I now have two humpbacked whales in my pond... It's amazing what you can do with a mobility scooter and ironing board and a stunt kite... My OH came home from work and is now outside making whale noises and feeding them the neighbours koi carp... I guess we will be off their Christmas card list next year but the world is safe the only problem is I managed to return back to 2012 with the complete box set of dynasty on video... Anyone got a video player???

    VG x

  • So you look like a wrinkled prune now VG, not a good look for the festive season, for goodness sake be careful. Slap lots of moisturiser or E45 cream on and hopefully you'll be as smooth as a baby's bottom by Christmas dinner time! :O :)

    So now you're using your mobility scooter as a space ship and time machine! I love the idea about Star Trek and your clothes sound wonderfully appropriate although I'm not sure the general public are ready for VG launching into another age lol! The mind boggles! :O

    I guess that takes care of the ironing over Christmas if the ironing board has become part of your intergalactic space ship!

    Thank goodness you returned safely, I'm not sure we'd all survive 2013 without hearing about all your escapades VG, you really are an inspiration along with being quite a worry too, but in the nicest possible way! :) Bless you! :D

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Tumble dryer don't know how I manged without it I have about 4 items to iron a week some weeks nothing blame sammicat for the loss of my ironing board and the stunt kite,, she came up with an amazing idea for catching whales much easier than transparent aluminium and a Klingon spaceship... One rather worry thing thing though I like these shoulder pads and sequins....

    VG x

  • you didn't need all that VG, you could just have borrowed my Mini.

    what's that? you ask,

    how to you get two whales in a mini?

    easy. turn left off the M55 motorway!



    ps I live in a glass house and I never throw stones!

  • So you wait to tell me this after I have gone through the trauma of dressing like Joan Collins , wrecking my ironing board and sons kite... and letting my OH steal the neighbours fish when you could have used your mini to get to Wales , I could have driven myself in your mini if there were only left turns , my neck doesn't turn right ...... Can you please come over and collect the whales please I can't hear the TV for whales song and they only know two carols so it's getting a little repetitive

    VG x

  • Haha! I've only just stopped laughing! That was priceless Sandra lol!

    Your neck only turns to the left VG! If you were driving Sandra's Mini that means you'd only be going round and round in circles constantly turning left lol! Oh dear, I need a lie down lol! I'm giving myself stitch here lol! ;) :P

  • You could always take them on the train if they're not too heavy.

    ask at the Whale Weigh Station !


    or the maternity hospital - they could sing live,

    my friend also plays whale music to help her relax in the bath - imagine her face [and screams] if we snuck 'em in on her!

  • Groans at the joke , but at least i understood it unlike gins jokes i am sure there was no answer to her last two ........ I like the idea of releasing them in your friends bath .... We could paint them grey and tell her they are dolphins and swimming with dolphins is very therapeutic

    VG x

  • It would have to be one helluva big bath VG! :O xxx

  • you haven't seen my friend!

    you could take them to the zoo tomorrow VG -

    and to see the Hobbit on sunday!

    sandra :)

  • After seeing my neighbours face at his now empty pond .. We made a hasty trip to the beach early this morning and set them free they were last spotted heading up the coast towards Scotland ... Two close neighbours both play the bag pipes it's an acquired taste... But the whales loved it....

    So all is well

    Sanity is returned.... Next time I attempt time travel to save the world I shall bring back something small and inanimate yet tasteful.....


  • I had the solution, too late now, but if it happens again here's what you do -

    you need

    a pair of binoculars,

    a pair of tweezers,

    a glass half full of water.

    look through the wrong end of the binoculars so the whales will look tiny,

    using the tweezers, pick the whales up 1 at a time,

    put them in the glass!



  • Just don't bring back a Tribble..........!

    Cheers, Midori

  • Oohhhhhhh I want a tribble for Christmas......

    Great idea midori

    VG x

  • Tribble?! Dare I ask what a Tribble is?! It isn't some intergalactic friend of VG's by any chance is it?! :O :P xxx

  • The trouble with tribbles a classic episode from the original star trek series cute cuddly fluff balls that breed faster than rabbits.......

    Just one tribble for Christmas very therapeutic for stroking

    VG x

  • they also did a clever cross over with Deep Space Nine.

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