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what a lovely birthday !

such a lovely afternoon yesterday my daughter took me to a lovely hotel overlooking the sea for a afternoon high tea it was like living in the life of luxury it made my day and a few weeks time she is taking me to a makeover and photo shoot as part of my present too so spoilt with a gold and heart ruby necklace from my other half and perfume and a lovely photo which said sisters from my darling sister it seemed to take away all my aches and pains but boy am i paying for it today but it was worth it god love themxxxx

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Happy belated birthday, I'm glad you had an amazing day :)

Sometimes the pain the next day is just worth it - I knoe it was after my birthday :)

Feel better soon, Beth xx


thank you beth hope you feel better soon tooxx


It was nice to read about a lovely day out.

What would we do without our families??

Glad you had a nice birthday and yes, the aches and pains can often make you wonder why you bothered but we only get one shot at this life and have to make the very best of all the good bits :)



thank you marzy and yes your right we have to make the best of the good bits xxxx


happy belated birthday nicely!




thank you sandraxxxx


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