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Boil not a boil update

Its as I predicted when talking to fairy last night, stress of shopping was bad enough, but as i have this extremely painful and infected subasias sist must not forget that nastyp thing and after an extremely sleepless and painful night, where I was reduced to only one sleeping position my back every time I nodded off I would roll on my side which made the sist hurt like hell it probably helped clear some of it out, so that went on till around three am then I sat up for a while doing some more on another baby blanket its now about half done maybe more.

Doc said sist could be scweezed at every dressing change and so my hubby has that job and seems to like it as its something he can do for me even though it hurts like hell, but it does seem to be getting smaller which is good I won't tell you about the messy yuckness but it seems to be getting smaller or am I just trying to make myself believe it. It may get bigger as I sleep with me being on my back it pools anyway we'll see how it is tomorrow saying that me laying on my back makes it easier to see to it, ah well such is life, onwards and upwards, gentle hugs all round. Sithy

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Sounds bad. I hope it all clears real soon.

I have had abcess in mouth for three weeks. After the first week the antibiotics caused thrush accross my tummy and a ceptic ulcer within 24 hours when I was in a infection induced sleep.

Have had 2 more weeks of tabs until the tooth was removed yesterday. Today it is already infected despite rinsing with salt water and Corsodyl all night and day :(

Piece of tooth left in there too. Back to dentist again, am sick of seeing them.

Do we ever not need something sorting out?

Gentle hugs sweetie xx


There always seems to be something wrong mouth ulcers, throat infections abcesses, sists. And all the other things that we seem to get if its not one thing its another. BUT WE ARE ALIVE.


Sorry should have said this first but you know how it is if you don't get it down on paper as it were you forget.

I hope you are feeling better soon, our problems are not helped by others mistakes such as leaving in bits of teeth in the gum when their supposed to get it all out hope you gave him/her a piece of your mind if I had to pay for treatment I would think about withholding part of the payment but that's just me . Gentle hugs hope you feel better soon.


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