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All i done was take the rubbish to the bin i look like a drowned rat i really do the rain is absolutely throwing it down at the min i cant take my doggy out or we will look like a real couple of drowned rats ha ha

i think it will ease soon it looks quite bright in the distance so fingers crossed hope you all got sun

love diddle xx

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no didle its a bit of hit and miss here at mo windy and you normally get sunshine where you are xx


mmm blowing a gale just took rusty out half way up road it poured it down so drowned rat again now getting in bath blow it lol mayas well andd now we got thunder grrrr i love thunder though

love to you hope all ok will say more fri now off love diddle :)


aww bless diddle lol sorry!!! umbrella to bin and back ..but me neither would do that hehe i would just wait hubba hubba taking it or my daughter.

weateher here ok today bit of rain but mild ! been sat out side tonite although hubby thinks am mad as he says its shiverlingly cold ...huh ??? must be myhormones as i feel neither cold nor warm hmm no feelings then i guess lol.

them new funky rain coats are back from gosh when i was young clear see through lol in all colours BRILLIANT!! the welly fashion now is with these long socks above some are using plain wellies and hunter sox . I WISH .

funny as they seem to wear with shorts so thats out for me (as much as i would bu they would judge at my age hahaah) xxxxxxx

you just put feet up with your bake well pudding and a cuppa luvie xxxx huggies and muggy hot brew xxxxx


LOL the umbrella would have blown outside so windy here and no one else here to empty bin only me and it so i had to do it

it is quite mild here acually just very wet and windy

oh i remember those macs they were good they were bet they will take off well, you should get one if you wanyt one its not like youre wearing a skirt up to your knicker line is it i would wer one and i am 47 next thurs lol

you take care love diddle xxxx


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