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up date from home

at first i would like to say a big thank you to all that had replyed to my blog....

my partner had told me that he was very sorry for the way he was with me, and told me that he loved me to bits and finds it so hard to see me in so much pain.

and that he understood that i liked to be on my new lappy and playing the game where you had to find things as it keeps my mind active.

last night he sat with me watching a film till 3 this morning.

my health is getting worse as i have too deal with so much...

i have seelica disease.

hiatus hernia.

cronic fatgue.

non alcoholic liver diseas.

cysts on my kidneys.

disc bulge.



love and hugs to all xx

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hi i have m.e and m.e is also known as c.f.s i dont mean to be flippant or rude..

ive been told this by my doctors and neurologist.

im very glad hes being okay with you now and hope it continues now as you have enough on your plate at mo.



whilst i know its good to share things i feel we are being a bit greedy having so many other conditions hanging onto fibro, maybe its about time we gave some away , warmest hugs x


hi sammy38 thats ok its just my mind some times as you all well know with fibro. you know what you wish to write but ya mind is like a maze, you never what what way to turn or what to say from time to time

hugs all the way xx



thank you for ue kind words....

he has been so kind to me all day and done all the house work and cooking...

hugs ur way xx


That's good news Pammy x


thanks lynnh hope you are well and keeping warm....


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