got the date to see the ftf people this morning for next friday, not alot of notice but i suppose it gives me less time to go to pieces...........i was stupid and thought the date for my assessment would come in a brown envelope..........nah, it came in white. o.t. visited yesterday and wants to put in a stair lift...but left us to decide on that..he says not to worry bout ftf but its hard not to..........

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  • Hi jacksprat92

    Assessments are never easy so much time so many questions good luck.


  • Hi jacksprat92 it sends us into a bit of a panic when the date is looming. I think because we hear so many horror stories. There are a lot of good experiences and stories also though, its just we dont get to hear about those in the media. As long as you are fully prepared, im sure it will be fine my friend and i wish you lots of Luck & pasted a link for you. What to expect at a f2f assessment,

    Luv Jan xx

  • hey there, above print out is great,......only thing is if i took all my meds with me they`ll have no desk i dont just have one problem .......oh well....... 4am,,time to put the kettle on again me thinks x

  • Good luck with the f2f jacksprat92 I am sure all will be fine. But it is hard not to worry. After all we are only human.

    Mo xx

  • Hello jacksprat92 , as you say you have less time to worry about the f2f, but it would be useful to go over your copy of the PIP form just to re aquaint yourself with your given answers.

    It is very opportune that your OT has just visited. Is this new information since you sent your claim in? If so, a report from your OT would be very helpful to take with you.

    Good luck for your assesssment!


  • Hi jacksprat92

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your face-to-face assessment and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hello Aren't they sneaky with the envelopes? By the time they are done with us, no mail is good mail. Hope assessment goes well.

  • Hi JackSprat92, I had my f2f 3 weeks ago and that appointment came in a white envelope. Received my result in a brown envelope, on Tuesday, so it only took just under 3 weeks. I got the enhanced rate for both components. "Hallelujah"!!!!!!!! But I worried loads before and after my f2f. If you have a copy of your form do read it carefully before you go and you can take it in with you, if you need to refer to it. Also the CAB have great information on their website. I thought mine would have to go to appeal as I went a bit blank and didn't have notes with me. Thank goodness I didn't have to. Wishing you all the best.

  • Congratulations _Tildy_ that is wonderful news! :)

  • Thanks so much Ken, I'm still taking it in. Wishing you all the best. x

  • Good luck my friend x :)

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