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pain pain go away

well I'm of to see my doctor tomorrow, for the millionth time, spent 5 days feeling worse than ever. so wiped out with energy. in so much pain in all my joints. feel like giving up sometimes. from being a woman who ran round like a nut case, with everyone telling me to slow down, now having no choice i hate it...I would rather be in constant labour than put up with this pain, having 3 lovely children with no pain relieve i thought my pain tolerance, was quite high. but I was so wrong. i can't believe I am only getting £20 in D.L.A . anyway sorry guys enough ranting.let me no if anyone else has felt the way I have.

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You need to rant. It helps! Try lying down with your legs in the air. When I wake up in pain and its too soon to take any meds this can help. A hot shower can also help (I don't have a bath) I sit and let the water flow over me. When in bed it seems the last thing I want to do is to get up as I'm hurting so much, but I also find that to get up, move around for awhile, have a hot drink then return to bed can also do the trick. We are both on the computer in the early hours, this helps to trake your mind off it!

About the money I can't help. I get the same, the lower mobility allowance, but better this than nothing!


U should both reapply for higher rate go to c.a.b they will fill forms in for u or welfare rights x


hi i am like you i run around some days then pay for it for a week lol an hour of doing something normally = a week of pain them i do it all agian as i am struggling to realise i canyt do it how i used to which like you is hard to acept

you are lucky to be getting DLA i was turned down and not appealing as my GP backed with a marvellous letter and DIAL filled in my forms they told me if you re turned down just leave it asyou wont get anywhere they are really clamping down on ll this now so i have left it for now but if i get worse which i will i thinkas i have gotten worse in the last 2 years

anyway i hope that youmhave a good day today love to you diddle xxx


diddle - they are so wrong! appeal I did and got mine back and so have others.

please appeal, sandra.


Hi I used to be the same run around like a blue arsed fly then suffer now I'm lucky if I can walk from one room to another always in pain but let's not be blue , I would re-apply for DLA I was given it for life first time out so go for it . Sithy.


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