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pain pain pain

well do not know what is wrong with me, gone from not sleepig to having to much i could easily stay in bed 24/7. Trouble is the more i sleep the more pain i am in. been so bad the last few days having trouble walking roundthe house, good job i got a good hubbie who lierally does everything for me. Maybe thats the problem i let him do everything so i can sleep and so get more pain feel like i am a hamster in a wheel lol at least i can laugh about it.

But this disease is so unpredictable i bet like me you find it difficult to plan anything. So i have a plan from monday no more sleeping and sleeping i am going to stary and get into a routine after all i have all day now to get things done. No more duvet days for me well maybe the odd one, we all deserve that lol

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Wish I had a pound for every time I,ve said tthat. It.s a B isn;t it. Never plan anything as I break every appointment I make. Haven;t been on holiday since 1996. Worked 40 years till this got me.Now retired and too ill to get out and about. Cant even have a drink now. Not fair is it.

Lets know if you keep your new you dont, but hope you do. Keep smiling,

Best wishes.



I think a routine is a good idea Webby, at least if you can stick to some of it each day you will feel as though you have accomplished something. Don't beat yourself up if you don't manage it though cos we all have the good intentions and then the fibro kicks in!!. You are so lucky to have a supportive partner to. Take care, love Angela x


Ooooh I no how u feel for 4 years had Sooo painful spasms soo sore and the feelin of swollen joints but no swelling u no eventually it will go away


Getting up at a normal time is a good thing if you can manage it I think - if the tiredness gets to you you can always have a daytime nap.

Having a sleep, personally, never makes me worse; sadly, however, it rarely makes me feel better. I have CFS/ME as well and unrefreshing sleep is very common.

Beware of trying so hard to stay awake that you exhaust yourself and become more unwell .... it is a fine balance isn't it?

Sweet dreams

Julie xx


I will join in with you ,,,,,...... Pain and,more pain, no sleep

And bonkers as well sc............m that's a screen ,

No sleep more pain and more being bonkers I walk like I'm 86

Bend over having to look at the pavement when I walk, I don't

Want to look at the pavement mainly not nice things on the pavement

I think I need a toilet one of those big ones so I don't have to bend much

To sit down, I have problems putting on knickers so I have very sexy ones

Now apple catchers, i have found this way of being able to close one eye

If I hold the other one open during the day so if I sit down at work no one

Knows I am asleep with one eye, clever

And love life what's that, ...?...? Mine goes some thing like this, don't touch

My arm, no don't touch my leg either no that bit is sore as well, you pinched

My arm then, ok you did not but it felt like you did, shall we go to sleep well

You can go to sleep I will just lay here and listen to you snore if you realy loved

Me you would stay awake as well.

And then at Work I have seen those big black bags under my eyes, and the

Spot because I feel run down, and what do your work mates say to you

Oh you do look well Viv, pain and more pain and a few screems


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