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legs giving away

This weekend has been an awful painful one. Last week the rheumatology doctor said I had early osteoarthritis. She said I have had this for a while, however my GP failed to tell me. The pain in my joints is very bad, but this weekend my leg has giving way more times than enough, with pain. I find the normal every day things like putting my coat on or lifting a kettle painful. I was previously told by my GP that I had fibromyalgia and there was no cure. Well I suggested that - as I looked up my symptoms and came to a possible diagnose myself. It was not until I complained to my GP about a painful hip that she referred me to a physiotherapist, then after to a rheumatologist. Even then my GP (who was running late) at the time, said it may not do any good being referred as if you have fibromyalgia you will have pain all over anyway. Well this morning I was crying with pain, and I could honestly feel my knee joint rubbing against my skin, it was horrible. My partner has said I should get a knee brace like bandage, does anyone have one or could they suggest something.

I really feel that these doctors and hospitals don't suffer any pain or probably think you over exaggerate.

Sorry to moan

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Hi karran, sorry to hear that you're not keeping well, what you have mentioned about your hip and your knee is exactly what I've been experiencing today, was fine this morning but then a few hours ago I stood up and my left hip and knee was really sore, actually feels like they have popped out of place or something, I was screaming and crying with the pain, I have taken 2 of my co dydramol and I am currently in bed still in severe pain though, think I might have to go get it checked out if it doesn't ease soon, my legs have also gave way a few times in the last few weeks, it really is horrible

Hope you feel better soon xxx


How did the rheumi diagnose the early osteo was it from Xrays or a scan? My friend had Xrays of her knees after suffering really bad pain for over a year and the Xrays supposedly showed only mild osteo. The pain persisted and got worse and she kept on going back to the doctor who then referred her to a specialist who said the same but that they would take a look at the knee through key hole surgery and extract any small particles of bone that might be causing the pain. The surgery didn;t work as she was in just as much pain. When she went back for the 6 weeks check she was told that even though the Xrays did not show it the outside of her right knee actually had very severe arthritis and the only recourse would be a knee replacement which she is currently on the list for. The sensations she had sound exactly like yours she said she felt it was bone on bone.

She did find that if she had to do alot of walking a knee brace which she bought from Amazon did giver her that extra amount of confidence and she also carried a stick which she said definately helped her with her balance.

I do hope that this extreme pain eases and that you find some resolution to your problem.x


I had an x ray a while ago and it showed up, think it was over a year. However my GP did not tell me nothing of what they found. She only said it was wear and tear. However, it was not until, I complained about the pain in my hip she referred me to a physiotherapist. He then told me there was nothing he could do, as all over was tender. He suggested to my doctor to refer me to a rheumatologist. My GP was reluctant to do this as she said if I have fibromyalgia then I will have pain all over anyway. So this is when I found out that I had early osteoarthritis. She also asked why has it taken so long to come and see about it now. I told her that my GP did not refer me.

I explained that stress seemed to make things worse, but dont't think she listened. Thanks for your reply Karen xx


Hi karran12

I am so sorry to read of your experience, and of your pain. I genuinely and sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these, and find the answers that you are looking for.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I have chronic Osteoarthritis in both knees (among other joints) and walk (well stagger) with crutches and I have seen my xrays showing bone on bone. My GP tried to give me cortisone injection to ease it but couldnt get the needle between the joint. I take tramadol and paracetamol for the pain but it doesnt help much and lately the pain has been a lot worse. I saw an orthopeadic surgeon who told me I was "Too Fat for knee replacement" (yes these were his exact words) and discharged me back to my GP. I have had physio, hydro, tens machine, mindfulness, heat pads cold pads, yoga and tai chi. I watch what I eat and have seen several dieticians with no change. In the last year I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, sero neg RD, sjorgens, gerd, depression and sleep apnea and everytime I ask for help with the pain I get told it is in my head or the subject gets changed so am feeling let down and on my own. It seems to me that osteoarthritis is seen by the professionals as a nuisance and they dont understand the pain and problems it causes to your life. Sorry for the rant. Fed up with the pain etc. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


Well at least your GP was a little helpful although blunt with it. Mine seemed to forgot to tell me. I am sure it is because they don't suffer like we do, how can they understand? thank you for your reply xx


Moan's good to share. Sounds like you're really suffering. If you don't have a proper knee brace, try a tubigrip bandage as a cheap quick fix. I've had knee problems since childhood, years and years before I got FM, so I've always needed support for them. I have skinny legs so I use the wrist size and I practically live in them. They give firm support for my knees and keep them warm. Worth a try...good luck :)


thanks - it is always better to share with people who are going through the same xx


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