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Packing isn't Happening!

Hi everyone. Well I am getting nowhere with my packing, my house is in a terrible state (even worse than normal - I joke that is's a security feature, if anyone ever broke in they'd think someone had already burgled the place and not bother!) I am getting very stressed! My son is no help at all and my boyfriend a little more than that... all we have done today is argue all day. I received a letter today from DLA saying they have not been able to make a decision on my claim yet as they are have written to my doctors for a report.. so I am looking at that as a positive thing that they have not dismissed my claim out of hand. Anyway I am having myself an early night, going to try to get some sleep, tomorrow's another day. Hope everyone is doing OK. Take care :)

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Just do your packing little and often eg pack the ornaments from room then have a break, pack up surplus crockery and have a break, sort out drawers and wardrobes one at a time with keep in drawer/wardbobe, pack away for the move, give to charity and throw away bags -then have a rest. It is important to be resting for at least as much time as you are working otherwise you'll wear yourself out.

Good luck with the DLA

Julie xx


Don't forget to write on each box what in it and the room its for makes it easier the other end. Try to work in a different room than you BF, and the best way to get the lad to work (did with mine) tell him to get his packing done or your take all his things to charity, good luck smiles and hugs xx


I agree with the other posters nettie. Some times when tasks seem insurmountable you need to break em down into little bite sized chunks. A room at a time is probably best and I agree if the boys arent pulling theyre weight and its causing tension nd arguements you need to change tactics . Its important to remember that grown men are really only little boys in longer trousers and the key to getting what you want is praise and carassing of egos !! Theres an old but true saying you can catch more flys with lemonade than vinegar - meaning sweetness gets a better result than sour behaviour. So show the guys what needs done praise them for their contribution stroke their ego with compliments and watch that wirk get done lol. All da best wiv the house move and lots of luck in your new home hope its lucky for ya :-) x Dixie x


your getting great advice on packing I am in same boat ... bath and early night for me xx

spent all day in the attic trying to clear up boxs OH THE JOY ..

gentle dtslexic hugs


Thanks for your advice guys :)


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