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Hi Everyone hope you are all having the nice weather. I have a question I am on ESA and my assessment is on the !st May if they decide that the computer says NO, I know i can appeal and all that but should they decide again NO. Can my husband who is my carer claim income support for both of us, he does not work, and i claim for both of us at the moment and also get full PIP on both . and if the answer is yes why am i putting myself through all of this????????? Hope someone can enlighten me please

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  • income support is discontinued for new claimants unfortunately. Does your husband claim carers allowance for looking after you?

  • Yes he does

  • Wish i could help more but i think you probably have no option but to go for the ESA assessment unless you can prove the centre is inaccessible for you?

  • your husband can automatically claim income support for you as a family unit if he claims carers allowance there is no need for you to claim ESA, just call and close the claim down and ask your husband to claim IS

  • Income support is not discontinued as my husband claimed for us as a family unit 2 weeks ago as he recieves carers allowance for my

  • Sounds like in some cases it's being phased out for new claimants but not others.

  • Hi thank you for your help i have also just spoke to welfare rights and they have confirmed that my husband can claim for us as a couple and it would be better as then i do not have to go through all the assessments i now feel better as my anxiety was getting the best of me as well as all the other ailments that will i think in our life time never be cured. Now i sound like a party pooper

    At least now we have another question answered if any one else needs the info

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