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Oh and arrived home to some good (i think) news!

finally received a letter from the rheumatoid consultant i saw on 6th August. All blood test were clear as were x - rays so no sign of arthritis which is great but still leaves me with 'well now what!' part of me is glad the test showed up nothing but then parrt of me kinda wishes they had shown something as at least then i could have started some treatments for something! hopefully now though my gp will refer me to the pain clinic now all the tests have all come back clear fingers crossed!


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That's good Hj, at least now there is something to work on. Speak to your GP, ask for a referral to the pain clinic and finger's crossed you will get the treatment you need.

Have you had a diagnosis for Fibro, if not perhaps you need a referral to either a Rheumatologist or a Neurologist?

Wishing you all the best, take care. :)


Well 4 docs have said I have fibro (one being the rheumolgist) I am under a neurologist anyway as I also have tourettes so I may ask for another appointment with him if the gp thinks its needed.

Hopefully the pain clinic referal will happen aswell



Sorry that doesn't sound very clear about the diagnosis!

I haven't had it 'official' as such but the 4 drs are pretty sure its what I have, its just in the stages of making sure everything else was clear (which it was) before the 'official' diagnosis xx


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