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Some good news


Hello im finally starting to forgive myself and let go of past and move forward.

Ive finally started to make piece with my ex and forgive him.

Ive spoke to my daughter and also my ex.

We are trying to move forward and forget wot we feel.

And yes we are having the kids at last all day sat?

Im soooo excited its untrue.

Ive been patient and am working on having her again friday .-monday.

Its gonna be a long hard slug with ex.but im happy right now.

Which means they may be at our wedding after all.

Words cant express how happy and excited we are.

We arw taking them to sealife centre.have v.i.p tickets.

And im gonna just be there for,them both.

I feel like mentally,physically its,drained me.

But its so worth it.

Ive never given up hope for this day and it just shows how being postive can get you.

Never give up the fight.

Ive spent a year and a half to get to this stage.xx

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What wonderful news Sammy. I am delighted for you and hope that you all have a wonderful time together. Best wishes.

Jane x

sending best wishes for a good time together, be calm, pace yourself, enjoy.



Have a great time Sammy, I haven't been here long enough to know the whole story but it sounds like you deserve some happiness. Have a great day at Sealife

Storm x

Sammy you must feel victorious well done you. I am sure the kids will just love being with you take it gently congrats xgins


Yay that is brilliant news. Have a wonderful time.

Piggie hugs xxxxx

You and your family have a wonderful special day, good things come to those who wait eh, enjoy you day Hun

Regards nicki xxxx


I am thrilled on your behalf enjoy the time you have fought so hard for

So pleased its worked out well after all this time. Have a great day! xx

Hi Sammy thankyou so much for posting your positive story you are an inspiration, i too hope your day goes well. i am sure you have cheered us all up no end x


I haven't read any one else's replies because I just want to say Great, Congratulations on moving forwards, and Good Luck for more changes.


What a lovely positive blog. Somehow when we learn to forgive our lives take on a happier note. It is normal to go through these periods in our life, and I so want to say good on you. Hopw your life goes from strenghth to strenghth.


im just treading carefully guys right now been here soo many times lost count he has the power right now and no one to enforce the last judges decision.i am happier than ive ever been with my fell and it shows in me..

but i dont trust my ex and never never will but for sake of my gorgeous kids i must must move on..

i forgave my dad for abusing me for years and years when i found out he had will eat you up otherwise ive learnt to will never forget but forgive you can..

it makes you a bigger person in end.

wish me luck im very very nervous and scared and am making a picnic,and got all there faves,

thanks for such lovely responses,means the world to me honestly...

never give up the fight with atos,kids,anything no matter how draining,how hard it becomes..coz its worth it in the end.

and im made of stronger stuff now coz of all i should train as a life coach hey/

This is such fabulous news and I am so happy for you. You have such a forgiving nature which is a good thing, but I myself find certain things either hard to forgive or will never be forgiven. But those things I can put out of my mind for a time so they don't eat away at me. They say what does not kill you makes you stronger and you have proven this. It sounds like your time with the kids is going to be so much fun. And at least you can concentrate on them alone. I know it will be hard if they tell you things about their dad, good things and stuff, but I know they would not see any hostility from you. You are too much of a loving person for that. I really do hope you have a wonderful time making memories with your kids, good memories are so prescious for us all. Have fun hun xxxxx Lin

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thanks ive learnt through extensive counselling to put my bad things away in a box and send them away and not let them hurt me no dad was a evil man trust me and the scares are there but hes gone now and he cant hurt anyone anymore..

i dont have any family except my fella and cat and kids..

and yes hurts and yes its lonely at times..

im a survivor trust me and a victim of domestic violence but still here to tell the kids one day will see there dad for wot he really is..

im not bothered what he gets long as my kids are safe...

im gonna take lots of pics so thanks....

just hope my m.e and fybro stay away tomoz../?xx

I think the fact you are so happy right now will push the fibro and ME to the back of your mind. It is just so obvious what a strong person you are, and your kids will see that. In the future they will remember things and see things for how they really are and I can see that you have this firmly in your mind. You are a believer and this is serving you so well. I am so looking forward to hearing how your day out goes. I send you lots of gentle hugs and all the love in the world xxxxx Lin

Well done Sammy, so proud of you and immensely pleased that things are good right now, long may it continue xx

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