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Finally some good news!!!

Well over the past few weeks I've been studying for my Level 3 Assessors Certificate. It was a free course, called Bright back to work program. Through a training provider... It's an A level standard Qualification, seen it advertised while searching for a job... thought Y not give it a go!!! If I had to pay for it the cost would have been £900.00. I told the job centre, they initially thought I was having them on and trying to claim travel expenses fraudulently!!!!

Si I printed the details off, showed them at my next sign on day... They relented and agreed to pay for me to travel to Leeds.... Well on Friday, after Hours of study, lengthy days in class, 10 page assignment... I've passed :) I'm now qualified to assess students doing their NVQ qualifications in the work place, 10 mins after been told I had passed, gets a phone call....

I excused myself from class, what a surprise!!!! I've also been offered the Administrators Job that I went for last week!!!! I'm was so happy I could have cried....Finally things are looking up, and I wont have to do anymore car boots to pay my rent :)

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Well done both on the course and getting the job lets hope its a great start to even better things for you

VG x

Thanks VG, I hope so. xx

Fab news, hope it gives you a lift :)

Thank you, it has already. :)

What wonderful news. Congratulations, you have done brilliantly

Thank you, it's been hard work studying and having the energy to keep applying for jobs and getting no no no xx

Wow, I'm just so so pleased for you, what a pleasure to hear of such success, WELL DONE YOU :-) :-) :-) when do you start the job? Soon I hope so that the pennies come rolling in, hoorah !

Foggy x

Orr thank you . xx I'm going in on Wednesday to discuss salary... not my forte... I'm extremely unsettled discussing money. :) :)

Hmmm I'm with you on that, the last thing in the world I ever like talking about is money, but you need it, you've got the chance and you must grasp the niggly subject and do yourself justice !! ending lots of positive vibes and thingys your way and will be thinking of you especially on Weds.....go you.....go you....... :D :D.

Foggy x

Meant ...sending not ending of course !! Lalalala :D :D D

Foggy x

Just Magic....Congratulations ;) See their is life with Fibro :) Well done Everso, all the best x

Soft hugs x

Thank you :) x

Excellent well done x

Thanks, just hope the Fibro keeps away, don't want to let them down I really need this job for financial reasons and my state of mind lol xxx

Well I am sure I speak for the other fibromites when I say were all behind you kid, good vibes your way ;) .... rooting for yer x

Cheers Andie, it means a lot xx

Well done !



Thank you, I'm a little apprehensive but excited to get back to work xx

Wow! Am so so happy for you! Good luck!!! X

Thanks Charlie XX

Please let us all know how you get on. You deserve some happiness x

Oh thanks Charlie, That's lovely :) I will do xx

well done! I'm so pleased for you :)

Thanks Sandra xx

Morning I am so pleased for you it has been a long haul but you worked hard and now you have got the assessors job = brilliant xgins

Well that is good news.

Good on ya, the only way is upwards now.

Nice to read a very positive blog!!

Hugs around, Bibileatherdale

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