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Going away for a few days (is like planning a military operation!)


Hi all,

My hubby and I are going away for a few days of much-needed 'together time'. I am secretly dreading it.

Oh, how I wish I could throw a few pairs of undies into a knapsack, a toothbrush and go. But alas, that's not the case. We are takin my airbed/pillows/heating pads/icepacks (and of course walking sticks/neck brace and everything else!) And of course, the meds...I am DREADING the 2hr journey. The walking around. And a strange bed (hence my airbed just in case). Why does it have to be soooo complicated? I have booked several days off afterwards, as I know I'll be in a flareup both on our trip and on return. And. To top it all off TOM decided to pay me a visit. A week early! (Bye bye romantic getaway!). Grrr!

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I know how difficult it is going away. I am going to France at the weekend and we are driving. My lovely husband has written a list and built in stops along the way for me (and the dog)

Try and think of it as a possitive thing, a few days away, relaxing will do you the world of good. I know it is hard to but try and laugh and have some fun. If you think too negative you will feel bad but if you try and think possitive you will be amazed how much you enjoy it. Don't think that when you return you will have a flare up, try and think to yourself this trip will do me good and I will be refreshed a happy. Get those endorphins flowing ;-).

Sending you heaps of happy vibes,

Hugs to you xxxx

Your good planning will make it all worthwhile! Think of the 6 P's! Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

You will have a great time :-)

You made me smile,

Yes, just the thought of doing this tires you out - but just think of the benefits......

We went away a couple of weeks ago and I felt absolutely fine - I didn't expect to so the feeling was quite unique.

I think the adrenaline and novelty of being somewhere different gives your mind something else to focus on and I felt just like I felt before fibro.....

No, it doesn't last, fibro always seems to come back, but the break away did me the world of good - so go - enjoy every minute and remember the wonderful memories you are going to make. ENJOY!!!!!!

Happy holidays

Ren Robin...xxx


I hope you manage to have a lovely break away Alikat, your husband sounds wonderful and understanding. Going prepared is half the battle. Make sure you rest in between whenever you can, and enjoy the peaceful time together.

Tell us all about it when you get back, we will all be interested to hear how you managed etc. I am sure it will be fine. :)

Thanks all! I *know* it will be good to get away. It is needed. We have had one helluva year (well, the past 11 years have been very difficult (we have gone through 11 court cases...from employees embezzling money from us to the latest one that we are still dealing with -we were under the 'impression' that a 2nd loan on our home was being paid for by PPI (based on a letter from the lender...only to find out that it was a 'typo'...and 20 months after the fact, we got a letter stating we were in arrears for £12k, and they were starting proceedings to repossess our home...So we have been dealing with that (oh and a fraudulent solicitor who was dealing with it...). It has been one battle after another. And I am DONE. Emotionally and physically.

I am *hoping* that I am not in too bad of a flare up to enjoy things. I have made a promise to myself to try not to mention my pain/complain to my husband so he at least enjoys his time away. I am DREADING the journey. And the bed. (I am bringing my air mattress - but apparently where we are staying is so small, there will be no room for it, except downstairs -and I am reluctant to be in a strange place on my on, away from hubby - I know, stupid, but true).

For me, a 5min car journey can put me into a flare with the spondylosis in my neck making it even more painful. Speed bumps, jolts, jitters, vibrations are my worst enemy. I have to wear a neck brace when travelling. Our car seats are very comfy (they go into around 30 positions!) and are heated - so that's good. I am just going to ask if we can stop and stretch. It's a 2 hour journey.

I think we are going to try to go to Lindisfarne and also to Alnwick. I really do wish I had a scooter, but I am not *that bad* in regards to my hips etc -yes, I hurt.

Gonna go.

Our cat sitter has arrived!

Have a great few days all.


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