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Today, after a few good days [what a blessing] I saw my new dentist Ow

Not ouch as in pain but ouch for my poor pocket! My dentist retired to live abroad and although he was not the best he did let me pay his bill by a monthly standing order. No matter how much my treatment cost, I only paid him £15 a month and could cope with that. However his replacement refuses to do this, and although charming, after examining my teeth she informed me that to put everything to rights it was going to cost at least £700. Who has money like that? No, she is not an NHS dentist, but having been an original NHS patient there, I have reduced rates. What on earth would it cost Private?

I have just had a few days relatively pain free, able to walk far further than I have been able to for a year and since this news my hands have flared up, my hips and back are niggling [taken break through meds now] and I am rather depressed.

We have students, we are having more students but not to cover dentist bills. This is a months pay for me [after tax]. I need a break away, planning for next year and the house needs redecorating so we can sell to downsize. I am also trying to keep my job, Union getting ready to sit in on Personnel attended meeting yet to be arranged. My back keeps giving up on me and my hands are getting worse too.

Why does everything come at once?

Thank goodness you are all here to vent to. My mother has suggested as I no longer have a dentist as such, that I look to getting an NHS dentist. She also thinks I could go on benefits if I lose my job and then be even more entitled to dental work free. But if my husband is still working and I still have bills to pay how is that going to help? I have to keep working don't I?

Now feeling extremely tired. Will feed students and push off to bed. Maybe I will watch a much loved film and get some sleep. Who knows.

I was feeling so positive.

Night all. Soft hugs

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Sarah if you pm me i can give you the name of a dentist not sure if they are in your area but they are brill and do not cost the earth my son need a root filling and one dentist was going to coat him £430 he moved dentist and it cost £68

the other dentist had a cheek to send him a bill for £38 for telling him that he need a filling. and to top it they are so so gentle.






ouch i feel your pain lolllove to you diddle x


Hi Sarah-Jane, it would be cheaper to get a set of false ones!!.

Just worth mentioning when you talk about free dental treatment if you are not working. If you go onto Employment Support Allowance contribution based this does not entitle you to a discount on dental treatment or glasses. You have to be on income based to get these benefits. The rules are quite complicated as I have found out as I had to give up work about 2 years ago. I live on my own but if you have a partner who is working the rules are different after you have been on ESA for so long.

Angela x


I have just been checking with other dentists and to be fair, they are charging about the same so I guess I will just have to lump it and do what I can. I am not on any benefit that will help me and I really think its bad that people are left in this situation. Looks like I will have false teeth within about 10 years and I am 50 so not good. Never mind. Unless I win the Lottery!

soft hugs


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