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Hi, has anybody else gone through pregnancy here with fibro??

I am due to see a consultant in cpl of wks but wondered if anyone here has jhad this experience, i think m,y main worry is that they will want me to have a C-section!!!! That terrifies me as my previous 3 were natural births with the help for my back of an epidural. I must say though that up to now (around 16 wks gone i think) my pain has not yet worsened! (woohooo).

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hi there i have had fibro for over 16 years and had my little girl 3 years ago, the doctor had told me that sometimes when you are pregnant your body can change and the pain is sometimes not as bad. I must admit the thought of having the severe pain petrified me while pregnant and i thought how would i cope as wouldnt be able to just take myself to bed with heatbags when i wanted, Must admit i had less severe attacks than normal . I did have a planned c section but this was due to fibroids and not fibro , told all my docs had fibro and they said is no reason not to have a normal pregnancy so will you will be fine .Hope this helps x


Thanks jolex, i think maybe my brain is too concentrated on the baby to make my pain worse lol!!! x


Hi Wiccamom,

My fibro symptoms improved a lot when I was pregnant, tho' at that time I didn't know what I had - I just thought I was lazy 'cos it was so hard to do any work!

There's no more reason why you should need a C section than any other mum - sometimes it's just necessary for the health of mum and baby, but it's no big deal, I promise you.

Just try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy - it might even help you! I was symptom free for some time after my daughter was born, which was a bonus.

Take care - I'm sure you will have a lovely baby.

Lots of love, Moffy x


Hi, I had fibro with my son who has just turned four and to be honest it was no different than previous children at all so try not think about it and just imagine your healthy newborn xx


my pain improved when pregnant!


awwwww thanks all!!! i will just sit back and put my feet up and await my new arrival, well as much as i can with the other 3 running me ragged lol! xxxxx


My daughter was born in Dec 2010. My Fibro was luckily under control before I got pregnant although I did have a few flares during pregnancy that were harder to control because of less medication options. Non medication therapies were even more important, e.g. specialist massage, gentle stretching and supportive exercise, stress reduction, etc.

There is no reason having Fibro would suggest a C section. In fact, the recovery from a C section being so much harder would be a reason to do all you can to avoid one with Fibro!

I would suggest looking into waterbirth, as this is considered to be the most effective form of labour pain relief below epidural and also increases the likelihood of not needing interventions (that could lead to a tougher recovery so more chance of triggering a Fibro flare), whereas epidural increases the chance of interventions. If I have another baby I will also be hiring a Doula to provide extra support, particularly important with any complicating factors such as a pre-existing chronic condition. If you can't afford a Doula (and mentored, ie. less experienced, Doulas typically only charge circa £200) then Doula UK have an access fund that you may be eligible for,


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