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Hi everyone- does anybody suffer with dental problems?

Im about to have another 2 teeth extracted and then have partial dentures top and bottom- i only have 19 of my own teeth left. Also im really struggling to lose weight- my consultant has said i have to lose a stone and half in 12 wks before he will put me on the waiting list for a new hip- im in agony every single day with it and my pain relief barely touches it xx

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Hello In answer to your question yes quite a few people on the site have dental problems, I am now down to 10 teeth and most of them are loose. hugs sue


Hi sue, thanx for your reply- sorry its took a while to get back to you. How long have you had problems with your teeth? I think my dental problems are increased by my fear of dentists- going this afternoon to see if they will be able to do my impressions and extractions for the start of whitson holiday as ive got 2 weeks off then xx


Hello Keeleysnana,

I personally haven't experienced any problems with my teeth, although I know others have mentioned it in the community before, you may like to use the search bar to read those posts or see the 'Read Next' section at the end of these comments.

I wondered if you have had any recent blood tests? You may need to discuss this with your GP about checking them as I personally ask for mine to be taken regularly to check B12, Vitamin D, Calcium etc.

You obviously mentioned you have been told you need a hip operation and your GP has said he wants you to lose weight. If your pain ins't controlled due to the Fibro I wonder how you will loose weight as any exercise must be difficult due to pain and your hip problems. I personally think it's a catch 22 situation !

Is his reason for this requirement due to the anaesthetic issues or worried about the strain of weight on the joints? I hope you don't mind me asking you all these questions, as I can see how hard it must be to lose weight and I am confused that your GP could not identify the issues that may be hindering your weight loss too. What do you take for your hip pain & your Fibro pain?

I wonder whether getting adequate pain relief may help you to address the weight loss issue in preparation for your operation. Here's a link to our factsheets about Fibro which give information about recommended treatments;


Hope this helps

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hi emma, thankyou for your reply. My consultant wants me to lose the weight because my bmi is 37, he said if it was 40 or more they wouldnt do the op, he said his main concern is the risk of infection and blood clots. My gp has given me orlistat diet pills but theyre not working. For my pain relief i use co-codamol 30/500, meloxicam and tramadol. Exercise is too painful as theres no cartillage left in my hip so its bone rubbing on bone now. Its just stressing me out so much because of the deadline he has given me. Got to be weighed by my go next week xxx


Hi Keeleysnana

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are having dental problems and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

I must admit that I have not personally experienced any dental problems myself but other members have said that they have. So I want to wish you all the best of luck with your dentist appointment.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thankyou ken, going this afternoon so fingers crossed x


Funny you should ask...

Tomorrow I go into hospital for dental surgery under a general anaesthetic to remove the shattered roots that are all that remain of most of my teeth for the second time, after which I will be left with only five teeth, and I'm only thirty six, in my case it has been caused by a lifetime of pain (I've had fibro my whole life, it runs in my family) causing me to grind and clench my teeth - even in my sleep! My various dentists and my old GP were useless the dentists never offered me a mouth guard to stop the grinding, they said my problems had to be my fault and that I wasn't caring for my mouth and teeth.... But I was...

And the GP refused to accept there was anything wrong, said I was a liar, an attention-seeking hypochondriac and that it was "just growing pains" that I was exaggerating as an excuse to be lazy, so no diagnosis where I could have said to the dentist, I have this illness could it be causing the problems?

For the weight loss you need try swimming, it's no-impact, infact takes the strain off the joints while in the water which may help ease your pain a little by giving your body a respite from the pressure and pain and is a good way to exercise at your own pace,

Please see your dentist about a mouthguard to stop the pressure of you grinding your teeth, you just wear it in to sleep and if your stressed out or notice your grinding or clenching you can put it in then too, explain the illness and it's symptoms to your dentist and tell them you want to save as many of your teeth as you can,

Good luck, I hope this has helped (even if just a little)



Hi sian, thankyou for your reply, how did your dental surgery go? Im at the dentist this afternoon to discuss my options, hope your as well as you can be right now, gentle hugs, tracey xxx


Went well, but I feel like a chipmunk at the moment with my cheeks and jaw swollen, the worst part of it all was waking up from the anaesthetic before they extubated me and fighting the respirator to breathe, not something I ever want to experience again, left me with one hell of a sore throat, but at least once my stitches heal and fall out I won't have anymore pain in my mouth/jaw, makes it all more than worth it :) and now I can have my dentures and be able to eat steak and spare ribs again!! \0/ yay!!!


Glad everything went well sian, how long till your stitches are out? I went to the dentist todayand it was another new dentist- he has decided that because the pain has settled down now to leave well alone so thats a relief xxx


Hi there,

sorry to hear your dental issues have been such a source of stress and worry for you. I have terrible TMJ which in turn triggers my migraines and have recently learned fibro can cause TMJ!

ukfibromyalgia.com/advice/d... maybe this can be of use to you xx


Hi, what is tmj? My new dentist today decided to leave well alone because the pain has settled down now, he said its best to delay having a denture as long as possible xx


TMJ is Temperomandibular joint disorder, it causes absolute agony in the jaw joint, bone, and muscle, which can also cause severe earache, dizziness, and migraines. It's a nightmare!

Glad you've got a dentist who seems to have your best interests put first, so many just want to perform procedures there and then to benefit their own pockets and not the patient xx


I cant offer any help, but I can answer the question. Yes.

I'm on the waiting list to have an unerupted wisdom tooth out in hospital :(


Hi there i have had lots of teeth out and now have a partial denture and crown, am going back to dentist to see about a mouth guard to see if it helps with migraines as tablets not working, tried most, including injections over last 4/5 years. Swimmimg has been best excercise for me, i also do exercises and walking in water, learnt from hydrotherapy, to keep mobile as possible i have fibro and athritis. Good luck with your weight i know it is not easy to lose when your mobility is limited.


Good morning, unfortunately I have none of my own teeth now, each of mine have loosened and come out and they were healthy teeth.

It would be interesting to find anymore people out there with the same problem.



Me too, I mourn for the even, white teeth I used to have, the 8 that I have remaining rattle about in there like s tiny xylophone. For ages I blamed it on all the medication I was taking - perhaps it was, but I also have fibro, (just to keep everything else on its toes) and I find that this could have been the culprit all along. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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