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Hi all, only new here & looking advice on docs & fibro...

Last year I was diagnosed with fibro after years of trips to the doctors, the burning sensations on my back and arms told me something wasnt right. The only thing is is that it was a locum that diagnosed me & my own doc won't take it on board saying 'everybody has a form of myalga'. It has made me doubt myself even tho I have most of the symptoms and was so relieved with the diagnosis. So I'm afraid to ask for anything as I have been refused numerous times. I would like to know what is available to me and any advice on how to go about my doctor problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

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If the locus was considered knowledgeable enough to work in your GPs practice why is your GP questioning his diagnosis? What nonsense! Ask to see another GP in the practice or change GP practice? X


Hi Liz


I'm sure you will find everyone on here very caring and helpful.

It may be very difficult for you to do, but is there any way you could change your GP?

Ideally you need to get referred to a Rheumatologist so that you can get your diagnosis confirmed (again).

You haven't said if you have been prescribed any medication. Do you get a lot of pain?

Unfortunately many doctors won't accept that Fibromyalgia exists.

You need to be firm with your GP if you can't change your surgery or see anyone else.

Do you have anyone that could go to see your GP with you? Doctors tend to take more notice if you have someone with you.

I hope that is of some help to you.

Hugs x


Thanx :) I get pain in my legs, back and one shoulder. The other symptoms are worse, brain fog, constantly biting my tongue, twitching and I was badly depressed last year. The only medication my own gp prescribed was diclofenic and low dose paracetamol, the locum who diagnosed me gave me some tramadol but my own gp wouldn't renew them. I would only take the painkillers if it was really bad, say my shoulder is the worst. The pain I get isn't constant just a few times a week so I don't wanna feel sorry for myself when people have it much worse, just o know it's gonna get worse. I haven't really anybody to take with me, my daughter is doing a level in health & social care & says I should be receiving advice on holistic therapies even. Tho as to my doc it doesn't exist I don't feel comfy asking. Thank you both so much for listening and giving time to respond to me :)


Bluemermaid, I keep getting notifications that you're replying but there's nothing there. Just letting you know that if u are replying I can't see it and if ur not, apologies there must be a glitch lol :)


Hi Liz

I wrote you quite a long message earlier but every time I tried to send it, I think my iPad kept crashing.

Sorry you've kept getting those notifications :(

I'm hoping it's ok now so going to see if you get this! :)


Hi Liz

Like the others have said ask your GP to refer you to a Rheumatologist, if he refuse, then its time to change GP. I know my own GP is not convinced about Fibro as he keeps sending me to different Rheumatologist but the outcome is always the same they say its Fibro.

I know he is very careful about what he prescribe for me and I'm careful what I take as I'm a recovering alcoholic (16 year) but I have had enough of this pain so going to ask for stronger pain killers.

I hope you get the help you deserve

Hugs XX Maz

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Hi Liz1977, I had exactly the same problem. Told by 3 different GPs at my surgery I was depressed & nothing else, then locum diagnosed Fibro, then when I went back a 4th GP told me locum had no right to diagnose me (difficult to see same GP at my surgery). I then got referred to rheumatologist who confirmed Fibro & referred me to pain clinic.

GP has finally accepted diagnosis, 2 years later, and have referred me for acupuncture (which didn't really work for me), but otherwise they're pretty useless. Changing dr surgery is not an option for me, as I had to stop driving due to the Fibro and wouldn't be able to get there.

Make sure u get referred to rheumatologist, they will be able to confirm one way or another.

Good luck xxx


Isn't it time that we took it upon ourselves to be able to ask the Dr we've been directed to see, if they accept that Fibromyalgia is a genuine medical diagnosis & move on if there's any doubt. To ask if there are any Drs within that specific surgery who have an interest in the condition. I haven't felt the depression I used to since mine & now it's on my screen at my 'new' Drs perhaps I can at long last receive the help (pain relief) I deserve. If I don't I'll move again. Animals will die if they're in too much pain. There's no way I'd let any of mine suffer how I have. Pain is obvious in us & its a warning that somethings wrong. - Guess what I'm trying to say is welcome to you x ann


I would push for a referral to a rheumatologist too he eill prescibe your meds and gp will have to go along with it -explain to your rheumatol9gist your gps reluctance to accrpt fibro . In the meantime though your still living with this anf bei g made tofeel like a fraud . You are not . Goid luck and keep us posted how you get on x


Thank you so much everyone for responding to me :) optogeek that's exactly it, I feel like a fraud or a pill seeker. I will make an appointment this week and asked to be referred to a rheumatologist like you advise, will then see what my doc says tho can't see it happening. If not I'm gonna try and find a new surgery who actually believes what I'm saying. It's such a hard thing to go thru, the other symptoms esp are worse for me than the pain, the not being believed is the cherry on top lol! Again, thank you for ur kind words and advice, greatly appreciated. Hope you are all well :)


Hi, I trained as a nurse after I left school, and never knew anything about fibro til my diagnosis. Please be careful how you go about challenging your gp. They can sometimes get very arsey with patients, and if they decide you have wronged them in some way, they can black ball you on the patient list which leaves you without a doctor-this happened to my mum after her doctor was told he had a duty of care and was neglecting it. Not trying to put you off your quest to find the right doctor etc, just want you to receive help and support, and to let you know to go softly. Hope you get your referrals soon as it can be awful feeling like you do! X


Hi Vicki that's exactly what I'm afraid might happen & what's took me this long to do anything about it. As we know it's really unfair but just how it is, just need to find out a simpler way of going about it. May change doctors first then ask for the rheumatologist referral, I don't want all doors closed in my face before I get a chance to see what's behind them. Thank you for ur reply :)


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