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Admin Bashing!!

Hi all dont know if you read my previous post entitle blood guts and gore regarding a recent accident where I managed to chop of the tip of my finger. Im waiting to see if it can be saved as it cudnt be stiched & has instead been glued bk on. The Hospital Dr advised me to keep it covered clean and germ free and above all not to wagg it for a few days!!

Unfortunetly I'm gonna have to disobey the doc as im one of those people who speak with their hands and today I need to do a bit of finger wagging on here!!

Im relatively new to the site so forgive me if you feel im talking out of turn but I really feel the need to speak out about the amount of posts & comments that contain some form of admin bashing.

Firstly people may I remind you that admin are only human so like everyone else on here have good and bad days and if ya throw in the complication of fibro well im sure like us all their bad days are full of fog, pain, anxiety anger and oh yeah more pain.

Secondly these people are volunteers who put their own pain on hold to offer us support comfort and guidance they seek out relevant info and provide a listening ear. They drop everything to respond to our needs - often to the detrement of their own relationships physical and emotional health & family life; I can state this with conviction as I was a volunteer my self for 16 yrs in various community settings and serving the needs of others whilst ignoring my own had a massive impact upon my fibro symptoms.

Cue intense finger wagging: So please people think before you vent venom at admin and write down something negative which is generally more about how 'your' feeling at that point in time than the issue being discuss.

If we all try to treat others how we would like to be treated then this wee site will be the safe haven that we all deserve :-)

Regards Dixie xxx

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here here! (and I hope you didn't wag your finger off lol) x


hi and i hope that your finger is ok and you get it sorted bless you it must have ben awful for you and really scary too

i think at the min thre is alot going on that some are unaware of so that is why there has been alot on here i am not goinh into details about anything as far as i know it has all been put into the hands og the powers that be at HU so hopefully very soon it will all be resolved amicably which would be and will be nice

anyway dont go wagging your finger too much bless you as i would hate it to get worse love to you diddle xxxx


Sorry to hear about your finger dixie,hope too much wagging didn`t do it any harm.

If the subject of discontent was left alone now the site could very much get back to normal.

The people involved had very valid reasons for "Admin Bashing" as you call it,and have put their complaints into the right people.And I would hope it has been dealt with.

So as I say it`s best left alone by those who were not involved and as I say go back to being the happy if painful band of supportive people we are.

Hugs Butterfly54xxxxx


i totally agree with you . onwards and upwards love to you diddle xxxx


if you Think Mr fibro can. Create havoc you ain't seen nothin when it comes to computer programmes on the net

U go girl give them the finger. Petal


hi Dixiesdaughter .. hope you will be ok with your finger .. I have volenteered for 22 years from sammaritans to playgroups to woman aid to free counselling now admin here .. I work full time and spend about 1 - 2 hours a day looking threw posts ...

I am new at this so when your finger is better ( to type) feel free to fill in your volenteer

thank you for thinking of us xx gentle dyslexic hugs


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