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just a question


Is there anybody experiencing numbness and a feeling the only way i can describe this feeling from the knee down is like a lack or no strength at all its almost like they are there but not there if that makes sense . Im experiencing it at the present moment the only the problem is when its happening i cant walk and was just wondering where to go or who to see about it as if it was to happen while i was stood up i would probably fell over or flat on my face hope u are all avin a gud or gudish day gentle hugs trigger xxx

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See your GP so a neuro screen can be run just to check that it is just the fibro, but try not to worry too much, I get it ALL THE TIME and so do many of my FM pals, but it is always best to have these sensations checked.




HI, I get it in my hands which makes me lose all the strength so much so my partner needs to cut up my food. I also get a feeling in my cheek as if ive been to the dentist. As sapphire says it is best to get it checked.

Take Care



Yes trigger, i get it but not that i cant walk. Mine is there constant but the only answer i got from anybody was that its my cocdamol, but i havent taken them for a couple of days and i still get it. So i know its not true. You definatly need to mention it to your gp to rule out other stuff that could be going on. I just dont get it in my legs but feet hands, chin, lips and buttocks of all places lol.

Good luck hun and let us know how you get on.

hugs, kel xxxx


See GP as i started with this in beginning from waist down getting up and down stairs.

I have Bhms though aswell and my left leg is worst xx


hi fairycazzle

what is Bhms ? xx


Benign hypermobility syndrome which when seeing neurologist he said i born with it and annoyed not ever spotted over yrs for state i am in.

I as a member cannot pist links so its a blue site with pics at top.

I have so many issues relating to symptoms.

My weaknesses. Muscles ligaments , joints are weak.

Inbox if like xxxxxxxxx


I have this in my hands and my feet quite often. I have seen my gp who has said its my fibro but of course everyone is different so I agree with others to get it checked. I wear wrist supports most of the day, especially if I need to use my hands as I find the pressure on my wrists helps. I haven't tried anything on my legs as I think I would need to wrap my whole leg up! Sometimes a deep heat or deep freeze spray can help but not all the time and what works for me may well not work for you.

Hope you get sorted soon



Please see your GP about this Trigger, it may well be Fibro related, but it's always worth checking just to make sure. It's always a good idea to keep your GP updated with your symptoms to ensure you get the most suitable treatment for you. Take care. :)


I get it too. I've even had the feeling that there is nothing between my knees and feet but can feel leaden feet that have to be "thrown" forward and plonked down to walk.strange.

regards, sandra.


I get complete numbness and/or paralysis either down my left side or my whole body. I remember that at first it was terrifying and it is scarry for people the first few times they see it happen. I'd love to know what it is (and hopefully how to stop it). At various times TIA's, aura migraines and epillespy have all been ruled out ... it is a mystery and I have just been told I have to learn to live with it!!!

It is rubbish being enigmatic!

Go to your GP and try and get it sorted out ... I hope you have more luck with a diagnosis than I have :-)

Julie xx


hi hunny,my feet and legs are numb/tingly and my consultant said its a normal effect of fibro,it feels as tho they have a life of their own! lol...take care xxx


Hi trigger, I get this in my lower legs if I sit down for more than an hour. I must admit to crossing one leg over the other and it's the bottom leg that numbs. If somebody rings the doorbell e.g. I have to shout 'wait' while I drag the dead leg after the rest of me until it starts to work. I also have it in other parts of my body when I wake up. I thought it was a fibro thing but I guess I should get it checked out too. Although as my GP has not made it clear whether she agrees with a fibro diagnosis for me or not, it could get interesting!

Christine x


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