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hi everyone!im taking 20mgof amitriptyln,been aprox 3wks now at nite,it was helping me sleep but now im waking in the nite in pain,havnt a clock in bedroom but know must only be a few hours cos hotwater bottle still very warm!not sure whether to ring drs or give it bit longer?any ideas please?oh &no news if i passed esa,but hubby read if your blind or loose a limb your not classed as disabled?how disgusting this goverment is,its all about the money!!!rant over hugs xxx

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hi lollypop. i started off on 20mg amitriptyline and helped for about 18 months then Dr put it up to 30mg. I still wake up through the nite 2-3 times and since being on them getting back to sleep is easier. i to wake because of pain and the loo. i walk around a bit get back into bed and back to sleep. i should ring Dr and see if he could put them up. i also take parasetamol and tramadol through the day 14-16 in all


sorry forgot to send gentle hugs and hope you are having a reasonable day.xx


Hi lollypop

I started on 25mg, then because i was still waking each night although did manage to go back after a while , also i have probs with migraines and leg pain they put it up to 50mg. This is too much for me as no matter how early i take them i still sleep the next day away. Although i do take a 50 if i am so tired and know i havent got anything to do urgently the next day.

I would give them another week or so, or ak the doc if they can put the dose up a little more.

Gentle hugs. xx


Hi there I also take 20mg of Amitryptiline each night and have been finding recently that I have been waking throught the night with aches and pains all over some nights its every hour others I dont wake at all, I think in my case it depends on the position I sleep in or what I have done during the day I dont know about you but hey knock me for six so I dont want to increase the dose however give them a few more nights and if you find they are not helping go back to the docs I hope you get it sorted Hugs to you Sparkie x


thank you sparkle13&kialayla&scrumie,im going to wait another week then speak to dr.although i wake(pain normaly)i do go back to sleep easier,doesnt matter wot time i take mine im sleepy next day!im on brutram patches,naproxen,amitriplyn,throxin& i dont rattle when i walk...yet haha hugs to you all xxx


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